11 Things To Take Care During A Group Discussion


How many of you have had heated discussion on the topic of Demonetization?  I am sure many of you would have been caught into a discussion on this hot topic with your family members, friends, and colleagues with different opinions and arguments.

We often find people engrossed in some discussions in nearby parks, on the lunch table in our organizations, in parties, etc. These discussions can be on various topics such as social, economic or political.

Such discussions are informal and take place in an unstructured format, but then we have discussions that take place in a structured format consisting of systematic interactions with norms and regulations and such discussions are known as Group Discussions. So what are those rules for group discussion?

Group Discussions generally takes place during a recruitment process or various seminars where people share their opinions and point of view to develop a better understanding or perspective of the main topic. I have experienced many Group Discussions during my engineering days and placement process.

It generally takes place between six to eight members who are given an agenda to discuss at the start and they have to put their point across the members and the moderator at the end of the discussion.

Some rules & points to consider during a Group Discussion

1. Opinion Matters

Before the Group Discussion starts and after the topic is given the moderator always gives you a minute or two to form your opinion and write down the points that would support your opinions.

It’s very important to utilize this time to the fullest so that you can form a firm opinion about the agenda or topic and know exactly how to counter the arguments put up by other members of the group discussion.

2. It’s not always necessary to initiate a GD

There can be times when the topic or the agenda is given by the moderator you might not be well aware of the topic.

Even though initiating the GD gets you some brownie points but still, you should never initiate a GD for the sake of getting those points even though you are not aware of the topic because a lack of good argument or topic can bring a negative impact on your performance.

3. Maintain the general etiquettes

During a formal GD, it’s extremely necessary to maintain the general etiquettes such as not pointing fingers on anybody or shouting at them or taking somebody’s opinion personally.

All such factors should be kept in mind while taking part in any GD. Since it can lead to negative marking on your performance.

4. Don’t lose your confidence

There are times when a group discussion can become extremely heated. And in such situation, people lose their confidence of speaking, if you get through such situation don’t lose your confidence. Try not to lose your calmness and become the moderator between the members who are having a heated argument by saying “Let’s not lose focus from the agenda!”

NOTE: Tips To Build And Improve Confidence!

5. Don’t get over emotional

There might be a situation wherein the topic is of interest. You would have extremely sufficient arguments that can back up your opinion with great importance and you believe that your viewpoint is correct but not everyone has the same opinion. Therefore, you should be able to accept others’ opinions as well.

6. Be precise

You should abstain from speaking your arguments in a non-precise manner. Rather crisp and to the point arguments will help you put your point across in a specific manner.

7. Let other members speak

You should not bring yourself into a situation where you are not letting other members of the group speak on the agenda as it will bring a negative impact. It will create a mind-frame of the moderator that you don’t let others speak and have a dominating personality. And you don’t tend to accept the opinion of others. Wondering How To Improve Listening Skills?

8. Not speaking at all

Don’t let a situation come up where you don’t speak anything in your GD as it will lead to a low score. Even if you are not aware of what to speak, try and observe what others are arguing. After that, form an opinion to speak about.

9. Using complex words and English

Try keeping your arguments simple with simple words and sentence structure. Since group discussion as the name suggests should be held keeping in mind about everybody. This is one of the important rules for group discussion.

10. Don’t use false statistics

Try using statistics that have an authentic source. Since there might be a situation where you might quote some wrong figures about which other members are aware of. It will create a false or negative image of you.

11. Always conclude as moderator demands

Last but not least, at the end of the group discussion, every member has to conclude. You have to keep in mind that what exactly your moderator is demanding in conclusion. Are they asking for your opinion? or Are they asking an opinion taking both sides?

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