5 Ways To Avoid Procrastination


Procrastination means a tendency to postpone things. It is a very natural tendency which every human has especially students. Many students tend to postpone their daily work or some important things to the next day because of some or other reason.

The same scenario is with students who are preparing for JEE. Students keep postponing their daily work and as the syllabus of JEE is very big, in the end, they find lots of work piled up for study and they get terrified and they give up.

Some ways to avoid procrastination

1. Fix daily targets

Fix daily goals like studying a new topic or solving some practice papers and make sure that your daily goal must be practical, don’t consider the ideal situation and be practical while fixing the daily goal.

Try to achieve the goal by the end of the day and still if you have got time in a day, you may set a little big goal for the next day.

2. Group study

You and your friend can do an agreement to avoid procrastination. The agreement is that each one of you is aware of another daily goal. And at the end of the day, you both check others work and found out whether the daily goal was achieved or not.

3. Strong conscience

Don’t try to give excuses for work not done. Because your excuses are always lame. And always you have sufficient time to finish your daily work. So just look for an answer to postponing work in your conscience.

4. Be strict to yourself

If you are not able to complete any daily work because of whatever reason (maybe sick) then work hard for the next few days to complete it and get back on the track.

5. Daily tracker

Just keep track of how much you are postponing daily. And analyze that stuff and introspect then you will come to know the ground reality that you might have done your work but because of the habit of procrastination you didn’t.

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