9 Strategies To Get +1000 Followers On Pinterest and Google+


Pinterest and Google+ are one of those platforms where getting 1,000 followers is not a child’s play! You have to be very particular while using any strategies on these two platforms. Below, I will guide you separately on how by implementing just 9 strategies in total, you can increase your followers very easily and shortly.

You must be having an account on Pinterest and Google+ but you must not be having the correct knowledge to increase the number of followers in your profile. I want you to read all the strategies given to increase followers on Google+ and Pinterest wisely and then work according to them.

Some key strategies to increase your followers on Pinterest

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn or Instagram have become a very crucial part of our lives today. That is the reason that digital marketing places a lot of emphasis on social media. To get more insights into importance of digital marketing in today’s world, read about Reasons To Learn Digital Marketing.

Regardless of which social platform you chose, I will discuss some of the useful tips that can be used on all social networks in general and specifically on Pinterest.

“Like everything else in marketing, the first step is finding the right audience. If you are building authority with cyclists, it is completely useless to you if you’re looking to engage people in the automobile industry.” – Vincent H. Clarke

Strategy 1: Fill your profile completely & update it regularly

A complete profile gives complete information about you to the viewer. Though ‘Pinterest’ is different from all the other social networking sites but for increasing your followers you need to have an updated profile. It has a feature that segregates the account of individual users and business users. It gives you the freedom of switching from your individual account to a business account at any time. You can enjoy its exclusive features like Rich pins, Customized pin, It buttons and widgets, and many more.

  • As on other networking sites, here also your first step should be to complete your profile.
  • To fully complete the information on your profile follow as below: When viewing your profile click the gear icon and then ‘Account Settings.’
  • Click the “Edit Profile” button to edit only the basic information and nothing brief.
  • When you click on “Account setting”, you can fill the following fields:

Email, Business type, Contact Name, Business name, Profile picture, about section, connected social networks, etc.

  • For your Website, Pinterest can step you through verification options. Pinterest has ‘Rich Pins’ services which will interest you greatly.
  • You can add a verified icon to the website on your profile, which may give potential followers more confidence in following you.
  • Pinterest is amazing in itself. If you connect with some other social networks like Twitter and Facebook, a small icon will appear in your profile header of Pinterest, providing a bit more information about you to your followers or potential followers.

Strategy 2: Links play a crucial role in attracting followers

This one is a major step to publish an update on your Twitter or Facebook account and on the same side increase your followers on Pinterest.

  • You should state every possible link to your Pinterest page.
  • You can also share your new page along with your email id.
  • Provide links of your Facebook and Twitter accounts with every post which you feel is interesting and can attract followers.
  • Whether it is Pinterest or any other social networking site, links help your followers to know more about you and that too in a short duration of time.

Strategy 3: Complement your website/blog with a ‘Pinterest Button’

  • Pinterest gives you five different styles of buttons and widgets that should always be used on your website or your blog or any other thing which is posted by you.
  • Pinterest provides you with various buttons like Pin It button, Follow button, Pin widget, Profile widget, Board widget, etc.
  • ‘Pin it’ is a tool that helps get more attraction to your content on your website on Pinterest. To add more to the functionality of Pinterest, there are certain helpful WordPress plugins also available.
  • For furthering your followers, you can always take the help of something analogous to the Follow button or the Profile and Board widgets.
  • ‘Follow Button’ is super simple to use. Follow as given: Enter your Pinterest URL and your full name, and build the button. You get an HTML code to place wherever you’d like the button to appear.

Isn’t that easy?

  • ‘Profile and Board widget’ gives you the freedom to display an interactive preview of all your pins or just the pins from a particular board. You have the option of choosing the layout size—square, sidebar, header, or custom. And ‘Options are opportunities for you to get +1000 followers.’

Do you know that your competitors can help you as well? How? Let us check the next strategy for understanding this.

Strategy 4: Follow your competitor’s followers. This actually works

Do you know Matthew Barby has many neat strategies for getting more initial followers on various social networks? Here’s a strategy that he tested with great success for Pinterest:

  • The first step is to find a selection of your competitors’ Pinterest pages and click on their followers. This a great tool to use. Do you know How To Use Pinterest As A Marketing Tool?
  • Go through the list of followers and follow at least 50-100 of their followers’ boards each day (You can try this for at least 2 weeks).
  • You can also search for users based on hashtags relevant to your niche.
  • Now create between 5 and 10 boards of your own that span across a range of different topics. Each week, you should aim to create other 3-4 boards. Can you do this? Try it. I am sure you will be able to.

You must have understood that though indirectly, your competitors can help you in getting +1000 followers.

Lastly, pin as much content from your website as possible on different boards. Add long descriptions to each pin with 2-4 hashtags. Try to space this out – don’t pin too many things at one time or you’ll flood everyone’s feeds. Try to stick to no more than 10-15 pins in an hour.

You should go through your feeds and re-pin around 10 pins onto your different boards – do this twice a day for a quick result.

 Now that we know about the strategies of increasing followers on Pinterest, let’s get to know about Google+.

Getting +1,000 Followers on Google+

Are you excited to know about the next 5 strategies to get your task done? You have to read on then.

Strategy 1: Your profile should be complete in all respects

When we are talking about Google+, the foremost strategy is to give your profile an urgent update. Yes, you need to update it right away. So follow the steps as given below:

  • You can click on the ‘About tab’ on your Google+ profile and make sure that you have filled out all your details completely, without any mistakes.
  • Google+ breaks down the profile info into several categories so that people like you can gain an advantage like:

Story (includes your tagline, introduction paragraph, and bragging rights), Communities (shows the Google+ communities you’ve joined), Links (shows your website, YouTube, and custom links), Contact information (including your email, phone, and physical address).

  • You can add attraction to your profile by writing about yourself in the form of a story. You can join several communities on Google+. This will enlarge your circle and increase the chances of getting new and permanent followers.
  • It is helpful to seed your Google+ profile with relevant, useful content before asking others to join. So do that first.

Strategy 2: Post a huge number of links with your profile

But remember they should be relevant and good ones.

  • When you post something using your Google+ account or Facebook, etc. always try to give the links along with your post. This attracts followers to your Pinterest and Google+ accounts.
  • You have to share your other networks such as Facebook or Twitter’s link as well as your email’s link on your Google+ profile.
  • This is done so that a person who found your post on Facebook or Twitter to be interesting can approach your Google+ profile easily.
  • Also, a person who visits your Google+ account can get direct information about your Facebook or Twitter accounts status through the links.

 Want to know the third strategy? Then read below:

Strategy 3: Place a Google+ ‘Follow Button’ on your website

  • The Follow button comes in five different shapes and sizes. You are having many options to select which follow button you want to use.
  • This button can prove to be a simple and smart strategy to increase the number of followers on your Google+ account.
  • You can also use a ‘Follow Badge’, which shows your Google+ profile picture and cover photo as well as the tagline altogether.

Strategy 4: Indulge yourself with Google+ Circles

For adding a huge number of Google+ users, you can always make your way to Google+ circles.

  • This approach is the most convenient one. It involves a simple logic. If you follow someone on Google+, several people get added to your group.
  • You can share your circles on Google+, as a way to build a stronger community. Follow as given: In the Google+ search box, type “Circle” and the keyword for your niche. And then search for some relevant circles that add some value to you and your business.
  • You can even directly search for the pages of the relevant company in your niche for the people in their circle and those who have circled them. Clicking either of these pages gives you an option to quickly add targeted, interested Google+ users to your circles.
  • Like other networks, follower-celeb mutuality comes into play here. The more people you follow, the more you can expect to be followed back. Moreover, after viewing a huge number of groups in your circle, followers get a reason to trust you and follow you. This strategy will be very helpful in getting more Pinterest and Google+ followers.

Strategy 5: Try to add value to a community you have joined

Joining a community and contributing something valuable there, can help spread your name and attract more followers.

  • You can even think of starting your own community. And you get an additional bonus if you are a community moderator.
  • If your business page is a moderator on a Google+ community, all the additional followers from that community will be added to your business page’s tally.
  • When you join a community, try to add value to it by posting good and relevant posts. Try to reply, like or comment on every post of that community. This will show your activeness on Google+, ultimately increasing your followers.

So dear reader, I hope you must have got the right strategies to get your first thousand followers whether on Google+ or on Pinterest. What you need to do now is to implement and start working according to these 9 strategies. You must have heard, ‘Try, try and try until you succeed.’ So work on these strategies until you reach your goal of getting +1000 followers on your Google+ or Pinterest account.

And remember that you have to remain active on your Google+ or Pinterest social networking sites for the followers as and when you get time. This has a great impact on the number and loyalty of your followers.

Since you are here, you should also look at the strategies to get the first 1000 followers on Twitter & Facebook

Good luck!



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