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Why Edu4Sure

Edu4Sure constantly works with its trainers to create better content. Edu4Sure courses & other services are reasonable. Edu4Sure helps people understand the course and gives free consulting about their queries. Trainers with Edu4Sure either work in the most reputed companies or work on their own ventures.

Edu4Sure due to its talent resources and capacity can justify the best services.

Each trainer is certified and highly experienced in his/her respective domain.

If you are one of our certified learner, you may yourself know how good was the training provided & if the content was great?

So why don’t you help others in Skill Development?

Share & Earn!

Upskilling is a need for every individual and to reach each individual, we need partners like you. Our mission is to spread affordable and quality education who need quality content to learn, grow and move up in a career or profession.

You just need to share the words with people and can earn huge money. e-Learning is growing at a very rapid rate and this can be a very great channel to earn.

Your role is to get visitors/ leads, our sales team will solve all queries and update you. You will be given a UNIQUE code using which user/ buyer can get benefits and you will also be given a share of the revenue. This will help everyone (You, Buyer & Edu4Sure).

The model is adopted by various companies especially bootstrapped which have less budget to advertise. You can recommend the courses/ services which you like!

How Does It Work?

You just need to fill the form below, you will receive an email with a unique Promocode. Whoever will use that promocode on the payment page will be counted as your conversion. This code is applicable for all the services we offer.

You just need to tell people the code, people will also get a discount and you will also get referral bonus.

This is a win-win situation for everyone.

What will you get?

Monthly ConversionsEarning
0 to 510%
6 to 1015%
11 to 1520%
16 And Above25%

Once you fill-up the form, our affiliate marketing team will connect you and share details over email.

Transparency will be maintained at all levels and you will feel like working in your own company. We are bootstrap and do not have any investor money. Our learners and affiliates help us grow.

Key Features

  • Free Sign up
  • Zero Investment
  • Training Support
  • Marketing Collateral Support
  • Customer Service Support
  • Same Day Payout

For all your queries, either fill-up the form or call +91-9555115533. We look forward to working with you.


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