How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Education?

How-Artificial Intelligence-Revolutionize-Education

What? Are you serious? You want robots to replace my teachers? What is this Artificial Intelligence?

Arey! Nahi toh! When did I say that?

You did! You said AI will revolutionize education. I don’t want to be taught by a robot.

Hey, Bhagwan! Hold your horses. I will explain to you. Suno….

Donald A. Norman once said regarding Artificial Intelligence, “Will robot teachers replace human teachers? No, but they can complement them. Also, they could be sufficient in situations where there is no alternative– to enable learning while traveling, or while in remote locations, or when one wishes to study a topic for which there is not easy access to teachers.”

Kuch samjhe? In other words, Robots are going to collaborate with your teachers to make you learn better. They won’t replace them unless it is required in certain conditions.

Okay. Okay. Explain karo.

You already learn from videos, images, and text online. The internet is an ocean of knowledge.

Haan, I know that. What about it?

Sometimes you don’t understand a concept or when something interests you, so you go back home and look it up on the web. In schools, many times teachers don’t have time to solve the doubts. This is a flaw in the education system and artificial intelligence will help resolve it!

Oh yeah! I did search for osmosis because I was confused. Pata nahi kya tha….. semi-permeable membrane aur diffusion. Samaj hi nahi aata.

Calm down. This is why Artificial Intelligence is here.

Kaise?? Tell me more.

Well, it is just that AI will assist students in school. Shortly, they will learn with the help of Artificial Intelligence from kindergarten to college.

Arey! Lekin, what will AI do??

Shanti!! I’ll tell you na.

1. AI can adapt to you

For instance, in a class of 30 – 50 students, where the teacher struggles to provide individualized learning, AI can identify each one’s unique pace and capability of learning. It can modify the approach to suit your pace and accelerate your understanding.

Acchaa, so I can understand the subjects I dislike?

Yes, you can. Also, it will assist your teachers and they can customize teaching material into a comprehensible form.

2. Automates basic activities

Artificial Intelligence can save time by completing basic tasks like grading assignments, taking assessments and giving homework. Therefore, this will allow teachers to focus on student interaction and teach life skills for personal development.

This is so cool. Maza aayega. Will AI correct by exam papers too?

Soon enough. An essay – grading software will be developed to assess written answers.

3. AI can provide feedback

Artificial Intelligence can provide valuable feedback to the teacher and the learner as well. It helps teachers erase knowledge gaps in their teaching. Also, it can assist the student and make one learn efficiently.

Umm…. what if I don’t like the way my teacher teaches?

Don’t worry about that, AI can access your opinion based on your personality and give reasons to your remark. Your teacher will now be able to teach you most effectively.

4. AI tutors

They can teach you fundamentals to sharpen your basics. Therefore, your parents don’t have to break their heads to make you learn right before exams.

Although these tutors cannot provide what human tutors do, they are expected to teach concepts of high-order thinking and creativity shortly.

5. Teacher and Artificial Intelligence collaboration

AI could change the role of teachers in your classroom. For instance, it can take over tasks like improvising learning, proving helpful feedback, grading, and tutoring.

AI will also be able to adapt to several tasks in teaching as well, like clearing doubts or teaching specific concepts.

Accha, what if it can’t understand my doubt?

That’s not likely to happen, because, at the Georgia Institute of Technology, students were astonished by Jill Watson, who was the new assistant of their teacher.

He could quickly answer students’ requests accurately. The students did not know that Mr. Jill was a computer equipped with an IBM-Artificial Intelligence system.

Above all, artificial intelligence tools are compatible with students with special needs or students who require a different level of learning. Students with special needs can benefit immensely from AI. Therefore, AI can break down traditional grade levels and introduce new subjects.

Hence, when one is clear with every subject, one can choose their field of interest easily without missing out on an opportunity due to a lack of fundamentals.

Toh ab samaj aaya? In conclusion, the vision for Artificial Intelligence in education is where it complements the teacher. They will work together to bring about the best positive outcome for the students.


  1. The world is changing rapidly around us. Days passed by is getting more difficult to keep up with innovations as AI will revolutionize education. It doesn’t mean it will replays humans. AI will collaborate with teachers which will help in tasks like improvising learning, proving helpful feedback, grading, and tutoring. In short, it makes life easy. Not only this, but AI will also help a lot of people especially, the people with special abilities.

  2. The way you create your posts in form of storytelling creates my so much interest into it and I can’t stop myself from reading it whole. Really liked!
    Moreover, article is well described and came to know so much more about AI.


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