Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Anwesha Jena

An HR Enthusiast who is pursuing MBA in HR. I love to interact with people. According to me, the best way to learn is by exchanging ideas. Hence, I am here!

Is Culture In Corporate Important?

The simple, one-word answer is β€˜Yes’. Corporate culture has become all the more important in the modern world. Discover the advantages of building a healthy corporate culture in this blog.

Role Of HR During Recession

Do you know the recession affects many of us? What is the ROLE of HR?

Oh Recession – Coping With & Finding A Job!

We know recession sucks. It affects everyone. How can we manage it especially if we have to find a job?

Joining A New Job? 10 Tips For You

Congrats for a new job! Do you want to know some tips for new joining!

How To Gracefully Exit After Serving Notice Period?

Do you know how to gracefully exit from the company? Don't worry, we will tell you here.