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Malvika Rathi

A teenager and full-time student, Works as Creative Blogger at Edu4Sure. Loves to explore new dimensions and passionate dreamer.

Tips To Shine At Your Internship Interview

Want to clear your internship interview? Heard of STAR technique? Check this now and clear your upcoming interview. Best wishes :)

Self-Study – A Sacred Ingredient To Success

To attain knowledge and to mug up are two separate approaches with different impacts Attain is to self-study which eventually leads to enlightenment. Click to read and understand the worth of it.

How To Get The HR Interview Right?

HR interview looks easy but not? Check the ways to get HR interview right and get the job.

How To Refine Your Personality?

Do you ever wonder why don't you get promoted even when you work harder than others? or maybe you just end up missing your targets somehow. We got the solution for it. Follow these few tips and see a remarkable difference in your professional life in no time!

Mindfulness: Your Energy Powerhouse!

have you ever utilized the full power of the mind? Let's practise the mindfulness and see how powerful it is?

Team: A Work-Oriented Family!

If you can build the perfect team, you are the leader. Discuss what NOT to do while building the perfect team.

Know Yourself to the fullest!

A person who truly doesn’t know himself is like a leaf who does not know from which tree it’s originated.

Miracles Of Positive Outlook

Discuss various methods to be more optimistic. What is the Importance of being positive? How to transform from negativity to positivity?

Creativity: A Benevolent Blessing

Creativity is an essential aspect. Be more creative and remove the obstacles which hamper your creativity. Know how to be more creative!

Vocational Education: A New Way Of Learning

Want to follow the rat race and land up in the same field everyone's working? Or want to do something new? Read this article to know the vocational courses you can do and land up in your dream job.

Offbeat Career Choices You’d Like To Take Up!

Let us check the offbeat career choices in India which haven't been introduced and need to be incorporated. leave the common career, choose differently!