Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Pragya Sagar

I am an 18-year "young" writer at Edu4sure. I am very grateful to the team for giving me this opportunity to write, learn and grow. I am still learning. Hope you find my content useful.

Remote Working: A Trend On The Way

Remote working is a trend that is going to last. If you wish to learn more about ‘What’, ‘Why’, and ‘How’ of remote working, look no further! Here is the complete guide to remote working.

Why Remote Working?

The future of the workplace is remote working. You must change your working model to fit remote working to stay ahead of the curve. Read this blog to discover the many benefits of working remotely.

What Does A Trainee Want?

There is a simple trick that can make your Workshop a success: Change our point of view and start thinking about what your trainees want from your program.

Utilising Lockdown As An Opportunity Forever!

Lockdown may not control someone who wants to learn. Take this as an opportunity. We show you "How".

Techniques For Conflict Management

Do you know the Techniques for Conflict Management? We have something for you.

Conflict Management – What Is It?

Have you ever faced Conflict with someone? What is Conflict Management? Let's discuss.

How To Manage Stress?

The best possible methods to manage stress!