How To Prevent Ragging In Colleges?


Ragging is a social menace which has ruined many students not just of their self-respect but also of their confidence. The incidents of ragging have reduced primarily because of the law and order that prevails. With several helplines being launched, one can always prevent himself from becoming a prey to this social evil. This blog will discuss other ways as to how to avoid ragging in college.

Relevant remedies (legal and Others) – how to avoid ragging in college

1. Talk to a counselor

Many times, students don’t feel comfortable while talking to teachers or mentors. In such a situation mentors can help.

In other words, mentors are the people who are professionals to deal with such situations without letting them take a toll on the mental health of the student.

2. Interaction with seniors

Discussions and interactions can help to resolve the issues more easily and calmly.

3. Punishments and penalties for the perpetrators

The students who indulge in ill-activities should be severely punished. Concerned authorities should not spare them. They have no right to curb someone else’s dignity.


The installation of CCTV cameras in the college premises would also act as a watchdog and prevent students from indulging in any malpractices. However, one cannot rely upon these means as they have a limited territorial capacity.

The points mentioned above are just a few ways that can help in reducing the incidents.

Can it affect the child’s mental health?

Ragging, of course, has the potential to have a detrimental effect on the student’s mental ability. In the near past, certain cases have surfaced that made students lock themselves in their shells. Thus leading to anxiety, isolation, and depression.

Can parents and teachers help?

Yes definitely.

Teachers and parents have a major role to play. No matter how big their child is, they should always hold a stick if he moves on to the wrong path. Also, they should strictly warn themselves from doing any such activity.

On the other hand, if parents feel that their child is a victim of ragging, then they should not hesitate to bring it to the notice of concerned authorities.

They should extend complete support towards their child.

Way forward

You cannot effectively curb ragging until you instill it in the minds of the students. Seminars, counseling sessions, and workshops too can come handy in teaching them morals.

The execution of strict and stringent laws irrespective of any bias should be inculcated.

It is beyond understanding what people gain from such idiotic and insane practices. Further, one should voice such concerns rather than keeping it under covers. If you hide the crime, you are promoting it indirectly.

People should realize that it is high time to be vocal and take a stand against such menaces before they mock at the value system and ethics that Indian society has been long known for.

Facing Ragging at your campus, let us know at with all details and we will help you. you can talk to your college too.


  1. The article is very informative. Many fresher students are didn’t aware about these things and suffer ragging and do not raise their voice against the bad things happened with them. This article will give them confidence and knowledge about actual college environment.


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