How To Avoid Complexity From Top Scorers In Class?


The environment plays a crucial role, be it in Job or a classroom. Students these days are engulfed in the stress of performing well, hence the level of competition has never been this high. When a child sits in a class, he is under constant pressure. Especially when the student sitting beside him appears to be smarter than him. Sometimes we are ought to avoid complexity from top scorer!!!

If you have to study in such an atmosphere, chances are, you will not be able to perform up to your full potential. Isn’t it?

The brightest of diamonds are born out when they are subjected to high pressure. It is up to you, if you want to shine as bright as a diamond, you must be ready to face testing times. In other words, these precarious times are the ones that can make you a better and stronger person or can make you a naive and submissive person. Therefore, the choice is yours.

What would life be after school?

Notably, the students must realize that the atmosphere that they are brought up in is mild. Once they are out of school they realize what life is.

They must be ready to face hardships while in the school itself.

The parents must know the strengths and weaknesses of their child. Moreover, they should also help their child overcome any hardship that they face.

The stress intensifies when an average student is expected to compete with others. It is not that he can not beat them, or he isn’t as capable as the others.

Truly, it is just about the efforts that you put in.

If you find it hard to be a part of toppers then you must retrospect your self. Analyze where are you lacking behind? Or what is it that the toppers put in? Go that extra mile, and assure yourself of guaranteed success. The ones, who try, never lose.

Take this as an opportunity, try to learn with them. The toppers might have a certain way of reading or practicing; try asking them about the same.

Rather than dwelling upon the same fact, try to see it with a different perspective.  If you feel that studying amongst the toppers is hurting your self-esteem, then push yourself harder and be a part of the toppers too!

Many times, while teaching the teachers too tend to focus more on the toppers. This too can be detrimental in the other students learning the process. The teachers should take care of such circumstances. They should help every student to perform better.

Few stress-busting ways

‌1. Eating healthy food, having a good sleep

‌2. Prepare a timetable and study according to it

‌3. Self-study is the key

‌4. Regularly revise what you have studied

‌5. Attempt tests and evaluates them

  1. Regular playing Physical sports or exercises

Every person has a somewhat similar thinking pattern. Of course, nobody is born genius. The only difference is who is putting how much effort. Once you step out of your comfort zone, no force can stop you from achieving what you wish for. You don’t necessarily be focusing to avoid complexity from top scorer.

Peer pressure among teenagers is common. Students must attempt to focus on themselves and not on others. It is you who will be accountable for your performance. Therefore it is advisable to put in the energies in Making yourself better and ignoring the things that stress your mind.

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  1. In today’s world the competition is very tough ….many students face these challenges by comparing them with others …this blog is very analytical .

  2. With all the competition among students and the pressure, life becomes hard for students and they don’t enjoy their school. Students must read this blog. Really informative.

  3. Everybody wants to be a topper and this creates competition in the environment which is somewhat good but it also creates inferior complexity in the minds of students who are not able to do goods in studies. The blog is well written and comprises of goods and facts.


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