How To Avoid Office Politics?

Are you a Star performer, Not into politics?

Office politics is very common. In an organization, such malpractices are bound to happen. All organizations are politically set-up and People bring personal biases thus leading to unnecessary misconceptions. So, how to avoid office politics?

What is office politics?

It refers to all the acts of unnecessary backstabbing, irrelevant rumors and malicious acts that can degrade a person’s self-confidence and self-belief.

Are there any ways to avoid office politics?

Frankly, you cannot escape office politics altogether. It can neither be eliminated nor be ignored. The only thing that can be done is- Avoid it!

When you are not a party to such malice acts, to some extent you are successful in staying away from it.

Can it affect your performance?

Of course. When you work in an unhealthy environment, you can just not give your hundred percent.

Sometimes due to foolish colleagues or a Biased boss, you are bound to be demotivated.

If the situations seem to be Totally out of way, the only and the best option is to step out of such dirt.

No flower can bloom in darkness. It needs sunlight to grow and flourish. So are humans.

If they do not get the self-respect that they deserve they should leave the organization.

Other ways to avoid it

1. Study the organization chart

When you are aware of the key personnel and the work they have been assigned you will automatically be cautious.

2. Ignore as much as you deem fit

This is subjective. Patience pays in corporate life. However, people should not tolerate undue wrongness. Creating balance is your key.

3. Build connections

Humans are social animals. They can not be expected to survive the 9 hours journey without talking to others. Moreover, if you talk to others you are bound to improve the understanding level too.

4. Interpersonal skills a.k.a Soft Skills

Communicate with others, develop personal skills to make sure that there is no hesitation or grudges that people hold back to themselves. Soft skills are very essential not only in corporate  life  but also daily lives. This is why Interpersonal skills are also known as Soft Skills. Would you like to look at soft skills list? This way you can talk your heart out!

5. Confront

If you feel that things are getting out of your hands, or that you are being provoked unnecessarily then the best way out is to confront. First, try to talk to the person who is making you feel so if this does not help don’t hesitate to contact the superior.

Things are never easy and some people are very annoying. You can neither escape such situations nor you can run away. Right?

The best way is to face them with all the wit and be vocal about the things that you face. With technology thriving so well, you can always take the help of other officials and colleagues.

Thus, Believe in yourself and give your hundred percent.

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  1. Office politics may be unavoidable, but this blog inspires me that we don’t have to get down in the dirt and move forward optimistically.


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