Beginner’s Guide To B2B and B2C Content Marketing


“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” ~Doug Kessler

When you explore the world of content marketing, B2B and B2C will frequently pop up throughout. It is necessary to have a brief idea about the two different types of content marketing.

What is B2B Content Marketing?

B2B is business to business marketing where one targets the business chain nationwide rather than individual consumers.

B2B content marketing is quite challenging but equally lucrative. For example, any national chain of clothing will order in bulk whereas individuals might buy a piece or two. The company earns a big profit in a small amount of time in B2B marketing.

Then what’s the challenging part?

The challenging part is creating high quality, useful content as target companies are well equipped and mostly self-sufficient. The audience you are aiming at may not be impressed by blogs made for commoners. Highly skilled people may be the judge of your content such as the CEO himself. Extraordinary is the key here.

B2B content marketing is the process of creating quality content to attract wholesale buyers and companies. If you gain knowledge about the potential buyer and develop relevant and impressive content, it’ll take you a step closer to your goal.

The single grain is an example of a B2B digital marketing company that aimed at getting Amazon and Uber on board. Their content included webinars and blogs on online marketing along with podcasts with the CEO himself.

What is B2C Content Marketing?

B2C content marketing is business to consumers content marketing where individuals are targeted as potential buyers through blogs, podcasts, and webinars, etc.

Direct communication with the consumer gives you an upper hand as there is more scope of emotionally engaging them. Consumers are a slave to their emotions and if your content manages to resonate with it, they’ll happily buy your product.

Another advantage of direct contact is that you can explain your products better. Nobody knows more than you know about your product. If the situation demands, you can easily cover the product’s shortcomings and highlight it’s usability.

Did you know 86% of the B2B  companies use content marketing? Impressive! Right?

Facebook is an effective platform to be used for B2C content marketing. However, don’t stick to just one platform. Distribute, distribute and distribute your content as much as possible.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C Content Marketing?

B2B Content MarketingB2C Content Marketing
B2B content marketing is based on the goal of being educated. Clients look forward to applying the knowledge they gain from your blog or product.On the other hand, B2C content marketing is based on individual satisfaction and emotion.
Facts, numbers, and graphs matter a lot in B2B marketing.In B2C marketing, stories are the best emotional triggers.
B2B caters to a specific business and curates content accordingly. The promotional ads and educational content are client-specific.B2C must take into account different personas. Individuality matters and the content ought to be unique.
B2B involves more stakeholders and therefore takes more effort into convincing different people of the same company.You just have to catch the attention of the customer and make them desire your product.

Which one is the better option?

Each has its own pros and cons like two sides of a coin. Nonetheless, there is no compulsion that one cannot carry out both B2B and B2C marketing.

A company may deal in B2B marketing by directly selling products to wholesalers and shops but also have B2C marketing set up through the website or another medium. Double profit and if one crashes the other may support.

Nevertheless, another company’s goals may need B2B content marketing only. Carefully choosing what works best for you is extremely crucial.

Craft your content accordingly and distribute it wisely to get the best of both worlds.

Go ahead and win your audience!


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