Basic to Intermediate SQL Course

S. No.ModuleTopic
1OverviewIntroduction To Course
2Understanding DatabaseDatabase and Relational Database
  Understanding Interface
3Beginning With SQLTypes of SQL Commands-DDL,DML,DQL,DCL,TCL
  Creating, Altering, Deleting Database
4TableCreating, Altering, Deleting Table
  Create Table by Importing Data
5ConstraintsProcedural, Declarative Integrity Constraints
  Using Not Null, Unique, Default and Check, Index Constraints
  Primary Key And Referential Integrity or Foreign Key Constraints
6Data Types In SQLData Types In SQL
  Using Data Types In SQL
7Data Manipulation LanguageInsert Command
  Computed Columns
8Data Query LanguageSelect Query, Select With Where Claus
  Order By Clause, Distinct Keyword
9Built-In FunctionsGroup By
  Aggregate & Scalar Functions
  Super Aggregate Functions
  Having Clauses
  Over (Partition By …) Clause
  Ranking Functions
10Set OperatorsUnion, Intersect, Except
11JoinsInner Join - Equi, Natural, Theta
  Self Join & Cross Join
  Outer Join - Left, Right, Full
12Sub QueriesWhat Are Sub Queries
  Single Row & Multi-Row Sub-Query
  Any or Some, ALL
  Co-Related Sub-Queries
  Exists and Non-Exists
13IndexesClustered Index, Non-Clustered Index
  Create, Alter and Drop Indexes
14ViewsWhat Are Views And Its Purpose
  Creating, Altering, and Dropping Views
  Simple and Complex Views
  Encryption and Schema Binding Options in creating views
15SecurityLogin Creation- SQL Server Login, Windows Authentication Login
  User Creation-Granting and Revoking Permissions & Roles
16Important TipFind Duplicates
17Assessment20 Queries


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