What is & How To Be A Content Writer?


“You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing” – Doris Lessing. Does being a blogger sound so cool to you? But don’t know much about it? Don’t worry! I will tell you how to be a ProBlogger. So let’s get started. This blog will help you learn everything about the content writer.

As the name suggests, the content writer does the job of writing relevant content for websites. Like what you are reading right now is content!

As the usage of the internet is expanding exponentially, there is a huge number of websites being added up every day and hence the competition to attract users is increasing tremendously.

So the content is mostly centered on marketing products or services that the website is selling or endorsing.

All the websites have a specific target audience and require a different type and level of content. Content should contain words (keywords) that attract and retain users on a website.

Going over the head??

OK! I will explain it with the help of an example of matrimonial websites. These websites target the bachelors (or their parents) who are looking for a life partner.

Now when a user types something (say matrimony) relevant to this on a search engine (Google), the search engine looks for that keyword on different websites and gives its results according to the relevance and frequency of the keyword found on that website. There is also a term for this technique but I won’t confuse you with any jargon.

So where do these keywords come from on these websites? They are added to the website using content written in relevance to the website. E.g. A blog giving tips on how to choose the best match for you.

I hope you have got the basic idea till now.

How to be a good content writer or a Problogger

1. Know your content

Be well versed about what you want to write. Start writing with topics that you are comfortable with and then move on to other topics. As soon as you get an idea, begin jotting down ways you can develop it. It’s often easier to begin developing your ideas before it’s time to write. To do that, as soon as you get the idea, begin looking for:

    1. Major points you’d like to make
    2. About the topic
    3. URLs for sites that provide additional information
    4. URLs for Web pages that illustrate your points

2. Write in your own words

Avoid copy-pasting from different sources because this won’t serve your purpose. Write in your voice and style be it narrative or informative or any other style. The style is your most prized possession as a content writer, and it should continue to evolve over the lifetime of your career.

3. Don’t add too many things in one piece

Each piece of content should have one point. Only one. The first thing you should do when you sit down to write is to figure out what your bottom-line point is. After you write, the first round of edits is to make sure your writing stays on point.

4. Give a unique angle to your topic

You may cover a trending topic that other content marketers are also writing about — but only if you add to the conversation, not repeat it. Try to make a new point or find a unique angle for talking about the topic. Otherwise, find something else to talk about.

5. Catchy Title

Spend as much time on giving the title to your writing as much as you give to the writing.

The title should be catchy for the reader to get curious and go ahead. Eg. Secrets of [something], Breaking News: [something] made easy, etc.

6. First Sentence

After the title, the first sentence should also be interesting enough to keep the reader going.

7. Closing

The closing is as important as starting: At the close of every piece of content, summarize your main point, then tell your readers how they’ll benefit from the information you provided.

8. SEO Knowledge

The content writer also needs to know the concepts of search engine optimization. Not only know, be well versed with it, and stay updated as search engine algorithms change constantly. Find more on SEO & Good Read For Beginners.




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