What Is Entrepreneurship & How To Be An Entrepreneur?


Are you Wannapreneur? Bitten by the entrepreneurship bug? Got an idea that could change the world? Hero worship Steve Jobs? Or do you just want to be your boss? If you answered any of the above questions a resounding YES, our career counseling platform can give you a head start to make your career in entrepreneurship. This blog will help you understand how to become an entrepreneur.

For instance, read the below-mentioned stories of some great entrepreneurs. We have compiled below the success mantras of the author’s pick of India’s most successful entrepreneurs who have braved all odds to reach their heights to inspire you.

India’s most successful entrepreneurs

1. Dhirubhai Ambani

Dhirubhai Ambani alias Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani who was born on December 28, 1932, to a school teacher started his entrepreneurial career by selling “bhajias” to pilgrims in Mount Girnar over the weekends.

However, he rewrote Indian Corporate History and built a truly global corporate group “Reliance” which is the first Indian company to feature in the Forbes 500 list.

His words to live by

a) Be Deaf to the word “No”

Growth has no limits to the one who keeps his dreams, ambitions, and efforts higher and higher and work towards it with determination. Pursue your goals even when faced with adversities, dare to convert them into opportunities.

b) Build a proper environment

Build an environment of TRUST. Relationship and Trust are the foundations of growth. Provide your employees with a nourishing environment where they can unleash their full potential. Therefore, motivate our youth and extend them the support to help fulfill their dreams. Each of your employees has infinite potential… hence, they will DELIVER!

2. PC Mustafa

He is the son of a coolie from Wayanad who despite failing in Class 6, went on to study in NIT, Calicut and later IIM, Bangalore and dreamt of being an entrepreneur and employ the youth of rural India.

Today PC Mustafa’s company ID Fresh supplies fresh Idli and Dosa batter with a production capacity of 50,000 and revenue of 1 billion.

His words to live by

a) Listen To Your Mentor

It’s a blessing in life to have someone to guide you and help you fulfill your dreams. In my case, it was my Mathematics teacher Mathew Sir, who convinced me that I can choose if I want to become a coolie or more.

He coached me in school when I failed in the 6th class and ended up being a school topper in class 10th

b) Find your true calling

No Dream is small. Initially, I did not want to become an entrepreneur. Moreover, I was passionate about mathematics and engineering. Initially, I wanted to be a successful engineer. GOD Almighty showed me that my true calling is to come back to my village to spend time with my parents and give something back to my society.

I want to help the youngsters in my village who were struggling to get a break. I want to allow them to come up in life and to provide them jobs I had to become an entrepreneur.

The decision to go into the humble business of supplying Idli and dosa batter was the best in my life. I had the help of my family and friends to set up the operations and expand to other cities.

c) There is no such thing as the right time

If you desire to become an entrepreneur and you have a killer idea, never wait for tomorrow. Just set your dreams into motion from day one. I had to wait 5 years to start my dream company and that is still my biggest regret in life.

3. Patricia Narayan

She has an entrepreneurial career of 30 years which started with selling snacks on a cart in Marina beach fighting all odds, beating a failed marriage, dealing with an addicted husband and taking care of two kids.

However, today she runs a successful chain of restaurants and has won multiple awards.

Her advice to our budding entrepreneurs

a) Never compromise on the quality

To be successful, it is necessary to maintain the quality of your products. When you serve your customers and want to build a relationship of trust the quality of your product should speak for you. Therefore, never choose money over quality, short term profits over long term stability.

b) Stick to what you know

If you decide that this is your game, then stick to it. Know yourself and your product in and out and stick to it. In other words, confidence and consistency are very important in business. Always believe in yourself and your product.

4. Swati Bhargava

Touted to be the largest growing Coupons and Cashback site in India, CashKaro is the brainchild of Swati Bhargava, an alumnus of the London School of Economics. After working with Goldman Sachs, she and her husband Rohan moved from London to Delhi to launch their start-up.

Her advice to our budding entrepreneurs

a) Network like crazy

Networking is very important in business not only to procure capital and investors but also to market your product. Swati and Rohan struggled a lot initially when they shifted from London to Delhi to launch their stratum.

But Social Media proved to their blessing. Connections are very important. Hence, I never lose a networking opportunity such as conferences like TiE, IAMAI, AdTech, student events at IITs and ISB, community events like POPxo fest and even WhatsApp groups.

b) Multitasking

It is demanding to own a start-up that takes 300% of your time while also doubling up as a wife and deal with all your responsibilities to your home and family. The only answer is multitasking. And according to Swati, women do it better than men!

5. Richa Kar

Providing Indian women the perfect experience in shopping intimate wear online, Richa Kar, the CEO and co-founder of Zivame, and an alumnus of the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies has come a long way to become an entrepreneur.

With clothing merchandise riding the success wave of the ever-growing e-commerce boom, Zivame has picked the sweet spot. But being the industry leader is Richa’s objective.

Her advice to our budding entrepreneurs

a) Investors play a major role

Apart from the money, investors play a major role in the growth of a company. They are a window to the external world. Also, they are aware of the best practices in business and what is the need of the hour. So, they know the unexploited potential in the market.

b) Identify the gap

From her experience of working for SAP client Victoria’s Secret, she identified that Lingerie is the most neglected part of Women’s wardrobe. She did a consumer survey and found out that retail stores lacked the shelf space and hence kept only some products and sizes. Moreover, there were a lot of women whose sizes were unfulfilled.

This was the problem she wanted to solve with a distribution system that broke the barriers of physical distribution and hence was born Zivame. It has unlimited shelf space and reaches out to women all over India like no other channel.

From all these success stories that you read above, the takeaway is that if you have the right problem-solving mindset, sheer willpower to transcend all boundaries and grit, you have all it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your idea is small or big, it is traditional or unconventional if it is the thing that keeps you up all night if it is as important to you as breathing, never give it a second thought, JUST DO IT!



  1. As easy it seems but’s very hard to come up with total ideas, sometimes the idea doesn’t have to be new or exciting, it should just have to be executed in a better way.


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