What Is & How To Be An Ethical Hacker?


Everyone loves the computer. We are glued to our desktop screens and fingers running over the keyboard. For instance, every child knows how to operate a computer without formal training. It seems as if it is inherent in them. In this blog, you will learn everything about an ethical hacker.


But when it comes to computer handling you go the extra mile. You don’t just stop playing games on the computer. You also love playing with the software.

Similarly, you want to figure out how the software work. Anything that goes wrong you can detect it. Similarly, you just don’t stop until and unless you fix your problems.

Career counseling Platforms will tell you about a career in Hacking. However, hacking is not bad always. There is good hacking as well. It is Ethical Hacking. A line to pursue your career into.

In other words, hacking did with ethics and no bad intentions are known as Ethical Hacking. Read the definition of Ethical Hacking to gain an understanding of the concept.

What is Ethical Hacking

A person who hacks computers to check the security and not with any malicious intentions. Persons employed in the profession of Ethical Hacking is known as Ethical Hacker. They are also termed as White Hacker.

Ethical Hacker intrudes into your system privacy and looks for weak points that can be hacked by the hackers who work with bad intentions. Hence, if your system is hacked by a Hacker, call for an ethical hacker who can check the problem and find solutions to it. Above all, many organizations are hiring ethical hackers to keep their systems safe.

Top colleges to learn Ethical Hacking

  • Tula’s Institute the Engineering and Management College
  • Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions
  • Indian Institute of Hardware Technology
  • Talentedge
  • Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science

As I say the opportunities are always great. The number of colleges providing you with an opportunity to study Ethical Hacking is also great. Take a few hours to read more about it and find a few options apart from the one mentioned above.

Eligibility to become an ethical hacker

  • The basic requirement is that you have to have computers as a subject. Though you can be of any stream you should know programming languages such as Java, C++, C, Pearl. You must study Computers in class 11th and class 12th.
  • Deployment of UNIX/LINUX will help you become an ethical hacker.

How to be an Ethical Hacker

STEP 1: Earn a graduate degree first. Pursue your graduation in Engineering like Computer Science Engineering from a reputed institute and gain a Bachelor’s degree in the course. After this, you can take up Ethical Hacking if you are interested.

STEP 2: To become a Certified Ethical Hacker, you need to obtain a certificate for this. There is an entrance test for this. CEH is the entrance exam you have to give. It is a 4-hour long exam consisting of 125 questions.

Also, EC-Council conducts the examination. The certificate is given by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants.

STEP 3: Take up the CEH examination. Besides, there are various institutes offering diploma courses in ethical hacking. Study these courses to become an Ethical Hacker.

Now you are an Ethical Hacker: Ethical Hacker is a person who has the permission to bypass the security and determine the vulnerabilities that exist. In other words, the weak points that could be exploited by hackers for malicious purposes.

Hacking is deemed Ethical if the hacker does the following:

  • Have the written permission to probe the network and check for potential threats
  • Respect individual and company’s privacy
  • You close out the work not letting the other person to hack
  • Let the software or hardware developer know the weak points in the software and hardware and tell them to fix if not known by the company

Careers and Jobs

With the advent of technology and the use of computers, the internet in every work that we do has made the work easy but also opens possibilities for hacking. Hence some hackers hack your system for their benefit.

The cases are rising. This gives away to the need of Ethical hackers.

Where do Ethical hackers work

  • Large Corporations
  • Government bodies
  • Schools and colleges
  • IT security systems

Above all, ethical Hackers need to be one step ahead of malicious hackers. To understand how hacking can be undone and the malicious thing can be reversed. They also have to take care that at the first place hacking does not take place from timely checks.

Ethical hackers are no less than saviors that save you from malicious activities of hacking. If your system gets hacked a lot of damage is done to you as your computer keeps all the secrets. Therefore, ethical hackers save you from this long term damage.

It is more of a mind game. Moreover, solving a problem is not easy. It comes with passion, practice, experience for the profession you have taken up.

Ethical hacking is something that requires an extraordinary mind to detect the problem that is so complex and to correct it. Hacking can be easy but Ethical hacking is surely not an easy task.


A fresher can get between Rs 15000-30000. More experienced can get up to Rs. 50000. As you grow in this field and study the latest trends and technology and continue to work you can earn good salaries. Also, you could set up your own private business.

The opportunities in this field are many and career scope in the future. Have you seen the movie Mickey Virus? It’s a movie for all hackers. A must watch. Maybe after watching the movie, you might want to become a hacker. So be an Ethical Hacker.

Therefore, the country needs ethical hackers that can stop hacking. If you think you can be one. Be one and say I am an Ethical Hacker who solves every hacking problem.

This is the end to become an Ethical Hacker.  If you want more blogs on different career fields you can read them on Edu4Sure. Edu4Sure is a career counseling platform where a reader can read articles on e-education.


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