Benefits Of Employees Training & Development – Conversation


Here is an excerpt from the conversation between two friends working in the corporate sector holding different positions. The two friends discuss the importance of training and development to employees. And how it has helped one of them in climbing the ladder up in an organization so fast. Even though both the friends joined the jobs at the same time.

Reema: Hello Seema, how are you and how is your professional life going?

Seema: Hello, I am good and my professional life is going superb.

Seema: Hey, I forgot to mention that I recently got promoted.

Reema: Wow, Congratulations! Be ready for the treat.

Seema: Thanks, yes sure. How is your job going?

Reema: Not well, I am still at the same place where I started.

Seema: Your company does not organize training and development programs for employees?

Reema: No we do not have such programs. Does your company have?

Seema: Yes, our company regularly holds training and development sessions for its employees. This is the main reason for my early promotions.

Reema: Can you tell me the importance of these training programs?

Seema: Yes, why not I will just tell you the importance of these training programs.

It is important to invest in continuous training and development of employees as both can leverage the benefits. It makes the survival of the business easy in this competitive and changing environment.

Also, employees commit fewer mistakes which are mainly due to loss of information and expertise. Moreover, it helps employee retention, loyalty and ultimately boosts productivity.


Studies have shown that 39.3 % of job seekers today consider “ growth” the topmost priority while selecting a job opportunity.  Therefore, it is imperative that your HR department device continuous and regular training programs for existing staff. It enables them to climb the ladder up to the corporate ladder.


Training helps you to grow professionally and personally. However, your training programs must be by the organizational objectives and industry norms.

Some organizations do not hold training sessions for their employees because of the cost involved in conducting these sessions. Moreover, they feel a wastage of time as employees will attend these classes and will lead to delay in the office work.

This delay is worth taking than the delay in the success of the organization and they take a setback. Furthermore, companies need to understand the benefits of these training programs that are worth taking.

Seema: This is the major reason that you have not been able to climb in your organization. You are having problems to work with the changing industry and your company is failing.

Reema: Yes, you are right. Can you please tell me about the importance of training and development for employees?

Seema: Needless to say. I will tell you all the benefits and importance of training and development for employees. Listen carefully.

Training and development can be initiated for several reasons

  • If the organization feels improvement in the performance of the employees
  • To achieve the set benchmark through improvement in performance
  • Ensuring overall professional development and growth of the employee
  • To make an employee eligible for a planned change in the organization. Therefore, it forms the part of succession planning as well.
  • To train them for some specific topics and position
  • Also to test the operation of the performance management system

Topics the employees are trained on

1. Communication

Firstly, diversity in languages and relations with foreign countries require employees to know 2-3 languages like French, German.

2. Computer Skills

Secondly, every work is done on the computer. Train employees in computer handling and related activities.

3. Customer service

Also, training of employees in the handling of the customers, meeting their requirements as today we have a global marketplace.

4. Quality Initiatives

Moreover, initiatives such as total quality management, quality circles, benchmarking require basic training, concept clarity.

Benefits of employee training and development

1. Addresses Weak Links

Firstly, the company organizes training programs when they address weak links in the performance of the employees. Training strengthens the skills of the employees and improves their existing skills.

Moreover, it ensures that the same mistakes are not repeated again and again. Take control of negative points, work upon it and increase productivity.

2. Increase in employee satisfaction

Secondly, continuous training is appreciated by the employees as they feel the company is investing in them. They feel valued and more satisfied with their job. And satisfied employees work harder for the job and promotions

3. Improve Employee performance

Lastly, training is undertaken for the sole reason to boost employee performance.  Regular training empowers employees.

Moreover, training gives them the confidence that they can tackle any problem and understand the changing environment. This increases their productivity. Also, they think of new ideas and increasing organizational efficiency.

Seema: I hope I was clear enough and all your questions related to the training and development of employees are clear.

Reema: Yes, thank you. I will now look for a change of job which provides continuous employee training and development.

Good and efficient training is incomplete without a good trainer. You can read about the Essential Qualities Of A Training Manager.


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