How My Blog Helped Me In Personal Branding & Getting Work


In this article I will tell you about how I began my journey of blog writing and explain what benefits I got from this habit. When I graduated from business school, I felt like I had conquered the most insurmountable obstacle in my life. Four years in university was anything but easy, and I was ready to prove to the whole world that those years didn’t go to waste.

As with any new graduate, I set out to hunt for jobs. I engaged a professional resume writing company that helped me create a kick-ass resume. Then, I tried to stay in the loop on all the hiring firms within my area of specialty. Whenever job opportunities presented themselves, I was always among the first candidates to fill in applications for those vacancies.

I was anxious to land my first job and begin living my dream life. But things never worked out, despite consistently and persistently filling out job ads. A few weeks went by. Several months later I still convinced myself that my day was coming. Every dog has its day, I consoled myself?

Well, the first year elapsed and I began to think that maybe I was getting deliberately passed over for less qualified candidates. Then one day, my final break came, or so I thought. Out of the 12 jobs that I had applied for so far, this was the first time I had been shortlisted for an interview.

I knew my moment had come and was prepared to prove my worth before the panel of interviewers…

…Then I Got More Than I Bargained For

On the day of the interview, I mustered all the courage as I prepared to face the panel. I watched as they went through my resume, and was ready to answer every question that they would throw my way. Then the questions began. They were pretty easy and I answered them without breaking a sweat until one question stopped me in my tracks.

One of the panelists asked if you don’t qualify for this job, how else can you make yourself useful to the world? I didn’t see this coming. I knew I had a passion for articulating issues touching on the corporate world. But I just couldn’t respond to this question adequately.

As fate would have it, I didn’t get the job, neither was I informed why. But I guess it had to do with how badly I fared at that one question. I took a hiatus from submitting job applications, ostensibly to do some self-introspection. In the meantime, that elusive question asked during my last job interview kept resounding in my head. And each time it did, I knew I had an answer.

Then one day, out of the blues, an idea crossed my mind – what if I could change the world through blogging? I knew this was it, so it was time to build my brand as a blogger. What do you think – Can Blogging Be A Full Time Job?

How I Got Started 

As I mentioned earlier, I knew I had a passion for articulating topical issues touching on corporate governance. And for me, that was an excellent launch pad. Being able to talk about issues close to my heart was one of the many benefits I derived from blog writing.

I was also lucky to have an active Facebook account. So, I didn’t have to go through the rigorous process of starting a blog on a different platform. I began making posts on various aspects of corporate governance, such as corporate greed and corporate social responsibility.

These are issues I was always so passionately about ever since I was a kid. And I remember at some point in the university, I was among the active picketers against a company that attempted to grab a piece of community land for its expansion. I had also lived to watch how influential companies would collude with authorities to empty their industrial effluents into rivers, endangering the lives of the indigenous communities. These, to me, were the height of irresponsibility by entities that ought to have the interests of the general public at heart.

But I had never really thought of articulating these issues to the global audience. Now was the time to get my voice out and speak against all the ills that bedeviled the corporate world.

My blog also gave me an excellent platform to offer new graduates some invaluable insights on how to prepare themselves for the real world. It was time to paint a clearer picture of what the job market looks like, post-graduation. And having been there and done that, I believed that writing a blog about my experience as a perennial job seeker could have immense benefits for someone somewhere.

There was a need to grow my blog and ensure it gets wider visibility. And that required some consistency. I maintained consistency in three aspects. First, I ensured that I posted content every day to keep my audience engaged and informed. I also narrowed my focus to issues touching on corporate governance, without ever digressing. And lastly, I maintained a consistent channel of content delivery.

Time passed and notable influencers in my niche, featured my blog. Some of them could share content from my page and credit it back to me. Within a short period, my Facebook account had raked thousands of active followers.

How the Blog Began Paying Back

After a few months of blogging, my blog began to pay some huge dividends. I was now one of the most renowned brands in my niche.

I remember one time receiving a private message from a prestigious organization that’s a strong advocate for environmental conservation. They were preparing for month-long campaigns to lobby for more stringent legislation against companies that deliberately engage in practices that contribute to direct environmental degradation.

This looked like my first real job. I loved that it didn’t interfere with my blogging schedules. The engagement was largely virtual and involved making blog posts on the company’s efforts in fighting ecologically-irresponsible behavior. And since this is a reputable company, working with them only helped to build my brand even further.

When I began writing this blog, I didn’t envisage, among its many benefits, a situation where notable organizations would identify with my brand. So much as to request that I be at the center of their noble causes. But this was me reaping the benefits of months-long efforts put into building a strong personal brand.

I took up the offer to blog for this company and in the meantime, saw my blog grow with more followers. I could receive messages, calls, and emails from people I didn’t know, who were just lauding me for the excellent work I was doing.

Then calls from many more companies began to fill my call list. Some of them wanted to engage me on a full-term basis as their brand ambassador, while others were keen on having me endorse their products. There are even companies that sought to leverage my huge fan base to test-run their products before releasing them to the mass market. Invitations to deliver keynote speeches in various social and corporate events became overwhelming. These companies saw how they could use my expertise in blog writing as per their benefits.

At this point, my blog had helped me to build a strong personal brand. It had transformed me from a perennial job seeker into the man of the hour. I was now very picky about the kind of offers to accept and chose to decline.

First, I had established myself as a staunch defender of ethical corporate practices. So, to avoid conflict of interest, I could only consider the offers from companies with track records for upholding healthy environmental preservation policies. Also, I didn’t want a job that could stop me from blogging. That would amount to betrayal to the thousands of followers who looked up to me for my insights and opinions on issues touching on the corporate industry.

Eventually, I decided to contend with earning commissions from delivering keynote speeches, product endorsements, and blogging for specific companies. I know this may not concern you much but I’ve been smiling at the bank since then. 

Wrap Up

Building a personal brand via blog writing is a long and arduous journey, but its benefits are undeniable. In fact, Edu4Sure has more to offer to you when it comes to course on Personal Branding. Now, If you’re doing your personal branding on social media, it demands even more patience and consistency. Identify a niche that you’re passionate about, then choose a suitable platform. Next, create content routinely to engage and inform your audience, as you also seek to garner more following. It will not be long before your blog begins to work for you…just as mine did.


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