Benefits Of One On One Training

If you want to gain 10 times, invest 2 times!

I know the benefits of one on one training because I attended one with Edu4Sure. I also got a live project where I was mentored at an individual level. Today I want to discuss how individual training is better than group training? 

let’s begin with a simple question.

Do you hate sitting in with other students in a class?

It kind of feels like you are competing for attention, doesn’t it? Not to worry, you are not the only one. Nowadays, there are too many students in a class and the teacher does not get the time to interact and get to know each of his/her students properly.

As a result, many students may fall behind in classes as they cannot establish communication with their instructor properly and they do not get sufficient attention from the instructor too. 

But you do not have to accept the problem as it is.

There is indeed a solution.

With the advancement of online classes, there are provisions for one on one learning. There will only be one student and, in those situations, there will be less confusion and a chance for better learning. One on one classes may encourage the student to be more confident and take charge of the situation. They will not have the pressure of competing for attention anymore. It is rational to presume that with the help of personalized attention, the student will perform better than before.

There are numerous benefits of one on one training. Listed below are 8 of them.

1. Attendance

The class will never happen without the student at all. With one-on-one training, being the only student gives you more power to reschedule the whole class. That means no more worries about falling behind in class or missing out on learning.

2. Interaction

Another obvious advantage is the more personalized attention you would get from the instructor. The instructor in this situation is committed to actively listening and answering all your queries.

The instructor will not have to divide his/her time up anymore and instead can focus on you alone. The timings of the classes would maybe be organized by the instructor, but most of the interactions will probably be student-driven.

Isn’t it an amazing benefits of one on one training?

3. Less stress

In a large class, a student might feel intimidated. Peer pressure may result in the student being fearful to ask questions or feel their questions are too silly to ask among too many people. With one on one learning, there is no issue. These classes are built with the idea of it being a safe place to share. With a caring and nonjudgmental instructor, a student can be more confident, as any questions, trust their instructor and take more risks.

4. Better assessment

When there aren’t too many students to handle it also becomes easier for the teacher to be more focused on the job at hand. The instructor is better able to follow the progress of the student, measure his/her performance, and modify the learning process accordingly. When they can successfully identify the weak spots of the student, they will be better equipped to guide him/her.

5. No reliance

When you are the only one attending the class, it also makes you more responsible for your learning. You can’t copy someone else’s work or rely on your peers anymore. It is your responsibility to pay proper attention in class and fully understand the materials given.

6. No distractions

When you attend a class with too many people, there is a risk of your attention being diverted from the task at hand. When there is one-on-one learning it is far easier to focus all your attention on the instructor and on what he/she is teaching.

7. Personalize the experience

Everyone has a unique learning pattern. When there is one student, that student has more power to modify the course work according to his/her interests. The instructor can make learning more effective and interesting to that specific student.

The instructor can focus more on the problem areas and breeze through the parts where the student has already mastered the material. This cannot be possible in a class with too many people.

I believe this to be the best among the benefits of one on one training.

8. Adaptability

The teacher can adapt the language of the student and base their communication on the level of the student. Only in one-on-one classes, the teacher can modify the input to the advantage of one student alone. One on one learning also leads to a positive and personalized relationship with the instructor.

With the guidance of a good educator, one on one classes can become a blessing for someone who cannot thrive in a regular classroom environment.

This article is written to make people realize that there are many benefits of one on one training that cannot be overlooked. Students deserve to have the attainment of their educational goals, and such classes are a good option, so do not hesitate to invest in them.

We thank Shreya Mitra for this article.

She is a student of economics, currently pursuing her masters from Calcutta University. She loves to read and creates interesting content. As an aspiring content writer, she hopes to become a successful writer in the future.



  1. This is think which i like the most in online education. Because in offline this was not much work well. And in now days one to one interaction is need of every students.

  2. I think which i like the most in online clasess.because in ofline this was not work well in covid pandamic.and in now days one to one intraction is need is every one.


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