Benefits Of Video Interview


A recruiter faces many challenges to find the star candidate which will be best suited to the company. Job interviews come in all shapes, face-to-face, telephonic, or video interviews. Today’s job market is strong and comparative to attract the best talent. The video interview has become the most famous one these days.

Technology has made the hiring process much easier. It provides multiple experiences to both the interviewer and the job seeker. They are looking for related experience, intelligence, the person who is interested in the position and the company. Recruiters have to work to built and engage the talent of the future employee to attract and strengthen the employer brand.

A video interview is popular in recent years. Many organization has used these techniques to analyze and to save time. Most of this is done before face to face interview. The recruiter also selects the candidate through video interviews. In a video interview platform, one can schedule the interview, watch the candidate through a digital portal, record, analyze and can evaluate. It is the easiest way to recruit.

So what are the benefits of video interview?

1. Speeding up the recruitment process

It helps to save the time of the candidate as well as the interviewer. It reduces the timing of the hiring process and able to connect with the best candidates as soon as possible.  The process speeds up and saves time in which the interviewer can connect with many future employers at one time. It prevents schedule issues and reduces costs.

The interviewer can hear watch the candidates within minutes of their application, allows to identify the best candidates faster. The response is recorded and is well submitted to the interviewer.

2. Inexpensive

The video interview is less expensive. Here the interviewer and candidate don’t need to meet each other face to face. Both interviewer and candidate can save traveling expenses. Many a time, they have to travel to one place to another for interview process it also takes a lot of time.  It is very must beneficial to those who have the geographical issues. It reduces geographical restriction.

3. Improves the hiring quality

One of the most important benefits of video interviewing is its ability to enhance the quality of hire. One can hire a person by analyzing and evaluating a person through live video streaming. Many CV looks great but while meeting a person doesn’t seem the same. Being able to see and hear the candidate the perception can be changed.  The recruitment process allows the recruiter to make a more rounded judgment.

4. No wasting time on unsuitable candidates

Now we all know video interviews save time. Also, we know that an interviewer can judge the candidate while walking through the door and within 30 seconds. Through this, we can know the candidate’s personality – How confident he is?

Here in the traditional interview, one has to go through the whole interview process and waste everyone’s time. But in a video interview, an interviewer can watch for the first 30 seconds of a candidate’s interview. if he thinks the candidate is not just suitable for the job,  he simply moves onto the next candidate. It reduces the amount of small talk.

5. No more scheduling

Here interviewer will never face the scheduling headache. In face to face interview scheduling the whole process is very time-consuming. But in an interview, the process fast. Scheduling can be done only when the interview is free he can drop the email to the candidate for the interview process. This process doesn’t take much time.

6. Observation of the body language

In a traditional interview, an interviewer can evaluate the body language the facial expirations and overall experiences. The same can be done in a video interview. These clues can help the interviewer piece together a picture of how a candidate would fit into the company. Here the interviewer can check the command over the company.

7. Compare the candidate’s answers

The interviewer can review and check the answers by checking the videos. Hence, the interviewer can easily evaluate and compare the candidate using the technology.


  1. The video interview is the new process to speed up the recruitment. Due to this digital technology, HR can recruit the right candidate by analysis and record the answers and rewind the answers, the facial reaction, and gesture which the traditional interview HR lacks to hire the right candidate.


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