Benefits Of Working In A StartUp


What are Startups?

You all must have read and listened to the word startup. It is highly used in today’s world. Let me tell you the meaning of this word for better understanding and concept clarity. The following will also answer the benefits of working in a startup.

Startup Company or Startup as most of you say is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business model that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service.

We can also understand the term by breaking its Start-Up. A company that has just started a business, a fresh like nothing before and has something unique to offer to its customers in terms of product, service, etc.

Startups are innovations, they are creative and also has an element of surprise in it as they have never existed before. They bring into reality a whole new concept of doing business. They are quite in trend now! Everyone seems to have their startup or is running one.

Young graduates, Talented minds, just out of the college who have this zeal to stand out of the league and try something new, are the ones who come up with startups. You will get millions of startups. Not all startups are successful or are as innovative and creative as they should be. But believe me, some of them are highly out of the box and have the potential to be successful and become a workable business model.

Why work for startups?

I know some of the startups that are doing quite well. One is an Ice-Cream startup that makes live ice creams, sounds cool :). Have you heard of Game of Thrones, How I met your mother, I am sure you have and you might be a fan of it too.  So a startup named Quirky Bites by one of my colleagues is a startup in the content writing domain, and they happen to write on these shows, taking a cue from these shows and much more.

I happen to work with a startup named Truck Suvidha. It is an online portal connecting transporters, truck drivers, logistics and other related entities. It operates in the transport industry basically and is currently expanding its wings to other related fields and domains. At first, when I came to know about Truck Suvidha, the first thought that crosses my mind was what kind of a name and what would they do with trucks.

Then I read about their work and I was made to understand their services and how do they operate? Then, I joined them and I was amazed to see the work opportunities, the work they do, the whole idea to streamline the process of booking a truck online and other work. Working with them was just amazing. It was a lifetime opportunity and I learned a lot. It was knowledgeable and a learning experience for me. There are many important things that you should know about before joining a startup, like, the structure of the startup, the job requirement, the culture etc. But right now, let’s look into the benefits.

Some benefits of working in a startup

1. Startups are more creative and innovative

Firstly, as startups are mostly started by young entrepreneurs, they have unique and fresh ideas on which they work. They also allow creative ideas and want a highly motivated and innovative workforce that can work for their startup and help it grow.

2. More to work

Secondly, if you work for a startup, you will realize that you have plenty of work as compared to establishing a corporate office. As they are new, they have a lot of work, for which they hire people whereas the established companies are more resistant to give work to the new talent.

3. More Opportunities

Thirdly, the startup was started by a person who has the opportunity and who exploited that opportunity. Similarly working for a startup gives you plenty of opportunities that you can grab and can grow. You never know you might get an opportunity to run your startup one day.

4. Different things to work upon

Fourthly, in a startup, you have a lot of different things to work upon, to explore and to learn. In a startup, you learn at every stage as you are growing and expanding. You have a lot of opportunities at your end. One good thing about a startup is you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Even if you fail, you learn something, so it is again for you.

5. Provide you with an amicable environment

Lastly, startups provide you an amicable, friendly environment to work and operate. Most startups are very flexible in terms of their operations and structure so you can easily work there.

Conclusively, there is an end number of benefits to working in a startup. Work for a startup and explore all the positive points. Although entrepreneurship is booming today, it is not for everyone.. Make use you are well aligned with the culture of the startup to ensure a smooth journey!

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