Which Hosting Is The Best?

Which Hosting Is The Best?

How do you decide which web hosting is best for your website? Let us explain with the following example.

Binny started a toy-store after completing his graduation. With a prime location, expert sales team, and kids friendly ambiance, the shop became an instant hit in the city.

After enjoying success with the first shop, Binny decided to open 3 more shops. But, the shops performed poorly than the first shop. The major problem with these shops was the location. These shops had less visibility to the crowd. However, changing the locations could have incurred a waste of money. So, Binny decided to tackle this situation in a digital way by building a website for his shops.

Binny consulted his friends about his idea. From the discussions, he found out that the idea is innovative and should be implemented. But, since the idea was untested, his friends cautioned him for not investing a huge amount right at the start. Binny decided to take the help of a reputed website building company and approached Edu4Sure. He wanted to know which hosting is best for the website of his toy shop business.

Binny had the following requirements for his website:

  1. The website will be asynchronous. It would have images, videos and description of toys available at various locations.
  2. The website hosting should be cheap.
  3. It will be better if the hosting agency can offer any free or low-cost trial pack.
  4. The website should have decent up-time.
  5. The development of the website should not be costly.
  6. And finally, The after-sales service should be the best in the industry.

After listing down the requirements, the Edu4Sure team suggested five website hosting options to Binny. All these options had their pros and cons.

After all, we Indians need options in everything!

The options are as follows:

1. Hostgator

HostGator comes as an extremely reliable host. It has a good knowledge base and provides an excellent user interface and a broad selection of hosting solutions. Its robust architecture offers unparalleled cloud flexibility. The platform also offers on-the-go resource management. This offer gives an advantage to HostGator.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger comes with a reputation of being the cheapest hosting agency of 2020. But, the low cost does not mean its slow. The response time and load time is the best in the industry. Hostinger comes in two categories; basic and advanced. The basic hosting version comes up with decent customer support, free SSL, user-friendly website. The $2.89 per month advanced version comes up with free domain and unlimited add ons.

3. Big Rock

BigRock manages to pull off its well-rounded approach of web hosting and domain registry quite spectacularly. The company is flexible in terms of its offerings. It can accommodate almost all types of companies. With shared servers and many extra add-ons, BigRock is stronger players in website hosting. But, despite all these features, BigRock lacks adequate customer support. The company holds unmatched value for people knowing scripting languages.

4. GoDaddy 

The unique selling point of GoDaddy is its strong up-time and high speed. It comes up with decent enough load time. With tempting introductory prices, it provides adequate hosting approach. And, with the best in the marketing promotional strategies, the platforms have become the most used hosting platform. But, the most popular platform comes with slow support, manual updates, and no migration services.

5. SiteGround 

SiteGround provides the best customer service and this excellence in service makes SiteGround the best website hosting agency for small scale and mid-scale businesses.

But, SiteGround is much more than just customer support. It provides Joomla and WordPress optimization. It comes with many added features like unique server architecture, caching plugin,  proactive server monitoring, un-breachable account isolation, and automated daily backups. To sum it up, SiteGround is a robust hosting solution for both newcomers and pro users.

Figurative Data

Up Time99.99%99.91%99.99%99.90%
Starting Price₹599/yr₹59/month₹59/month₹149/month$3.95/month
Speed0.86 sec0.68 sec1.3 sec0.96 sec
SpecialtyBest uptimeAffordableCustomized packagesFree domainCustomer Service


Binny was happy to receive this data because the data was useful in answering the question, ‘which hosting is best?’. Binny analyzed and compared the data. He chose SiteGround as the best service for his toy service website requirement. He did it because of its best customer service.

Edu4Sure also suggested Binny to go for a WordPress website. Do you know which hosting is best for WordPress??

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself on the web! Find which website hosting suits you best with Edu4Sure! Happy Hosting! But the best hosting from here.

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  2. When we are going for hosting then there are so many platforms so we get confused. But in this blog explained pros and cons for platforms that make easy to decide which host is best for us


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