Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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HR Analytics – History & Growth

History & Evolution of HR Analytics.

Cultural Intelligence Training Overview

Have you ever thought to conduct Cultural Intelligence Training? You must think about it.

How To Create A Website On WordPress.com Step By Step?

Have you always wanted to create your website? Do you fear that you’ll have to pay loads of money to create your website? Have you always wanted to start a blog on your site but are clueless about how to go about it?  The solutions to all the aforementioned issues lie in just 3 Simple Steps!  Introduction WordPress is one of the world’s...

Power BI – Desktop Vs Pro Vs Premium

Power BI - Desktop Vs Pro Vs Premium
When we talk about data and business analytics, Power BI is the best option we go for. Over the last few years, with the great advancement in science and technology, Microsoft Power BI has proven to be the most effective method of creating reports, data analysis, and business analysis. Well, most of the people often get confused between the different...

Which Hosting Is The Best?

Which Hosting Is The Best?
Binny started a toy-store after completing his graduation. With a prime location, expert sales team, and kids friendly ambiance, the shop became an instant hit in the city. After enjoying success with the first shop, Binny decided to open 3 more shops. But, the shops performed poorly than the first shop. The major problem with these shops was the...

Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress?

Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress?
Vaibhavi is a bright Engineering student. During her Engineering in Information Technology, she started a Technical club. The club attracted some of the enthusiastic minds of the department. Soon, they formed a leadership committee. The club started operating with one meeting per week. The next step for the club was to organize a state-level technical event. Vaibhavi and the team...

Excel Journey From 2003 To 2019

Do you know the journey of Excel from 2003 to 2019?

Role Of HR During Recession

Do you know the recession affects many of us? What is the ROLE of HR?

Oh Recession – Coping With & Finding A Job!

We know recession sucks. It affects everyone. How can we manage it especially if we have to find a job?

Difference Between Microsoft Office 2019 And Microsoft 365

Although both MS products - MS Office 2019 and MS 365 are awesome, know the difference between them.

MS Power BI (For All Professionals)

If you use any data then you must learn Power BI. Yes, it is for all of us.

Benefits Of One On One Training

If you want to get learning 10 times, invest 2 times! One on One training has many benefits, you must realize.

Joining A New Job? 10 Tips For You

Congrats for a new job! Do you want to know some tips for new joining!

Why Are Udemy Courses So Cheap?

Why Udemy courses are cheap and learners should understand it.

Focus Learning, Not Just Certificate/Brand!

If you did not understand value of learning and kept running for just brands and certificates, you will fail!