Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Top Job Profiles After MBA In Information Technology

Know the top job profiles after an MBA in Information Technology. Discuss the salary range, roles, and responsibilities.

How To Incorporate Whole Brain Thinking?

Does your training have Whole Brain Thinking approach?

Whole Brain Thinking Quadrants

Which quadrant of your brain is Strong?

HBDI Assessment And Training (Measuring the Thinking and Non-Thinking Areas of the Brain)

One of the Most Unique and Interesting training where you know about your brain's thinking.

Are People Analytics Dehumanizing Your Employees?

Are People Analytics Dehumanizing Your Employees? Discuss the challenges and understand how to fix them.

Pervasiveness of Learning Analytics (Never-Ending Need of Analytics)

Learning Analytics has a lot to do with Professional Success. Discuss it.

Sexual Harassment At Workplace: Challenges and Solutions

Discuss sexual harassment at the workplace: the challenges and solutions.

Internal Committee In Absence Of Evidence Under PoSH Act

What can an Internal Committee do in the absence of evidence under the PoSH Act?

Uncovering The Aspect Of Indirect Harassment At Work

Huh, Indirect Harassment - What is it? Discuss examples and effects of Indirect harassment at work.

Harassment Treats All Genders Equally (Uncovered Aspects of Male Interest Protection)

Know the Uncovered Aspects of Male Interest Protection. How Important is the PoSH policy for Men?

Why Is PoSH Training Important?

Get training on "Prevention of Sexual Harassment" to create an amazing culture.

False Complaints Under POSH Act, 2013

Understand false complaints under PoSH Act 2013 including penalties & preventive measures.

Different Scenarios Of PoSH Complaints

Discuss the different Scenarios Of PoSH Complaints to understand what Is Sustainable Under the Sexual Harassment Act?

All You Need To Know About Guest Posting

We cover everything required to understand guest posting, Starting from what is guest posting to how to start guest posting etc.