Building Internal Collaboration – A Necessity At Workplace


To begin is the first and foremost step to success. A high level of thought is put up by HRs and recruiters of corporate institutions while forming a project team. Geographies, diversity, behaviors, intellect, mentality, and team collaboration are just a few of the factors to put thought into while team formation.

Every single member of a team is responsible for its success and failure. While some are team players and the others are individually successful – institutions have to externally put efforts on building team collaboration for higher productivity at the workplace.

Can better individuals be better team players?

Let’s read this story

An Army Crew had 20 most qualified players from all over the country. They were preparing for the National Rowing Competition. This sport requires a high amount of trust and coordination between its teammates. The coach decided to organize a competition between its teammates as a practice test series.

After a thoughtful decision of sending the top 10 players to the competition, to know how would they perform as a team he divided those 20 members into a team of two – Team 1 comprising of top 10 players and Team 2 comprising of the remaining ones. Everyone expected Team 1 to win but to their dismay Team 2 won, at all times.

The coach tried to swap the teammates from one team to another for better performance and Team 1 played worse than its earlier matches. The coach himself was confused as to how individually they are the best players but as a team, they were unable to bond and failed miserably.

The story highlights the importance of internal collaboration in a team. Although every human has the capability of growing individually, team dynamics improve with experience.

A team having a diversified group of people always wins over a team with people having a similar mentality and thinking. To build trust, empathy, and connection between every team member internally, HRs and talent teams work on team bonding mechanisms at the workplace.

Coming to the second phase of the anecdote i.e. Keeping together is progress. To identify where a specific person in the team lacks and what are the strengths of a team is a stepping stone towards success.

What are the techniques for achieving internal collaboration in a team?

Institutions must entrust people to share knowledge, difficulties, feedback, or everything that will help to make work simpler. Sharing also promotes reward and appreciation by the workforce.

Corporate heads and administrators must lead by example. If you want employees to communicate, you must have the organization’s decision-makers do it first through one-on-one sessions and feedback.

How does a team succeed in their work and prove to be the best of all?

A team that works together and develops a family connection amongst them always succeeds. They fill in for each other, provide alternatives and always behave as a support system for each other. This high level of understanding leads to a higher success rate at the workplace.

Most times, mixing business with pleasure is not a good approach. But when it comes to formulating a good work relationship and heightening team collaboration, it is an exceptional idea. Knowing co-workers outside of work can boost interdependence, internal team collaboration, and communication.

Teams are successful when we put more effort into improving them rigorously and grow with time. It also helps bring together diverse departments and representatives from across locations, discussing and working together in a way that contrarily would not be feasible. Because of the collaboration platform, employees can converse daily about various internal tasks, group activities, policy changes, project challenges, ideas, questions, and answers, and more.

All the leaders are very well versed and experienced in working with teams. And leaders are not punished, they are rewarded.  Every corporate institution wants to hire team collaborators, not competitors and underachievers. They find the best fit, train them and help them become an efficient workforce. The help you identify the best of yourself in teams, not individuals.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. — Michael Jordan.


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