Career Counselling Overview


Choosing a career is one of the important step ones takes after completing their 12th. Choosing a definite career according to a career goal will be a great help but when the mind is confused between what the family wants and what you want, a piece of expert advice will be of great benefit in this case. So, let us now understand what is career counseling?

The main objective

The primary aim of career counseling is to help students. Not only does it help in making current decisions but, also in making them understand how to make future career decisions and life decisions.

The right time to decide regarding your career comes at school itself when you have to choose any one stream among commerce, science, arts, humanities, etc. A helpless student gets the opinions of his parents and teachers based on his interests and class performance.

But the question is, is it enough for a student to make this as the foundation of his career? At this point, the guidance and help of a career counselor help a child to sail through the turbulent times by involving a child into various personality tests and aptitude tests. This will help in identifying a child’s various interests, strength and weaknesses.

Some of the basic questions that pop up in a students’ mind regarding the career

  • What is my main goal?
  • Which stream or course to choose?
  • Which college or university to enroll in?
  • What should be the Budget?
  • Do I want from my career or life?
  • What is my family’s expectation?
  • How to make myself noticeable in a crowd?

Some of the points a career counselor will help you with

1. A counselor will help you in figuring out in which field you want to build up your career exactly by analyzing your interests, personality, values, education, background, and circumstances.

2. S/he will be a person with whom you can share your feelings, ideas, and concerns about your choices which will help in sorting and organizing your thoughts and feelings.

3. Identifying your true being and the factors that influence your career.

4. Acknowledgment of your interests and personality. Based on that, the counselor will guide you with different career opportunities and options available.

After having understood what is career counseling, you must have realized that it is important to plan one’s career from a long term perspective. Self-exploration can be done by finding out the interest and the ability of oneself.

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