Role Of Counselling In Student’s Professional Life


Role of Career Counseling

Career Counselling has a definite role in a student’s life. We all know that school is the building block in a student’s life. School prepares the students for further life. Right schooling is very important as a student pick most of the values and teachings from the school. 

As the school prepares you for the future, it is a kind of counseling given to students right from their kindergarten days to their college life and afterward. The preparation to become future-ready does not happen overnight. It is a long term process of development.

It is the role of the counselor to broaden the view and to make them aware of different career possibilities other than, doctors, teachers so that from the very beginning they start thinking about the same and know there is more they can be.

Students must be provided with resources so they start thinking and investigating the career option. This can be implemented through career counseling. Make them capable of understanding career options. They follow that path and later in their high school days they at least have a clear idea about their career goals. They must seize educational qualification and development portfolios in the same direction.

School counselors

The role of the school counselor is to develop a child academically, career, social development. A school counselor is responsible for the overall development of the child. A school counselor prepares students for the college. College readiness is the ultimate goal. The focus is on college and career readiness and career preparation.

School counselors can mold and shape the students as desired from an early age. They work to make students fit the external environment and the harsh realities of career-related aspects. A school counselor has an important role to play and the role must be played with sincerity. As it is the base for the students’ college and job life.

In school, children have many answers about professional life and career choices. All colored by the likings of uniforms, role models, etc. But you need to make them understand the need to choose the best career for them based on their likings, qualifications, talent.

Only Career Counseling can answer their unanswered questions to millions of questions in their head-related to career and jobs and help them get greater job satisfaction and less job turnover.

Career Counseling benefits students to prepare for their career growth and nothing else works because counseling examines capabilities, strengths, the potential of the students. It involves students in the process of their career shaping. Seek out detailed information to make informed choices.

How counselors can adopt a series of steps to prepare children for their careers?

1. Awareness

The first step is to make them aware of the different career options available. Make them familiar with all the career options including arts, performing arts, etc and the positive side of this and the utility of pursuing a particular career.

Dancing can be taken up a career as choreographers put in a lot of effort and earn handsome money. It is a decent job if one has a passion for it.

2. Put into place

This step involves the students get involved with career choices. They start recognizing the various careers, investigate more about it. They become curious and participate in the process. Now they want to decide for themselves what they want to take up. Realize their capabilities and explore themselves.

3. Action

Now students are in a state to take action, that is to decide. With the help of counselors, decide the career they wish to pursue. Make use of the resources available to them. Validate all the points. Contemplate what you have to think and finally take the decision.

4. Make it happen

This is the stage to make things work physically. What you have chosen, make it work and become successful. Achieve greater heights and success in your career. Prove that your decision is the best.

Career Counselling brings transparency between you and your career goals. It makes you prepare for the future. They help you identify your interest thus bridging the gap between you and your career and taking you one step close to your goals.

The techniques used are well suited according to the person and make the person realize their true capabilities and thus allow them to decide their future on those lines.

Career Counselling always helps a student to build a secure future. It opens doors for many possibilities and pushes students forward. The lost ones can make their path and their career as well.

A school counselor molds the children in such a way that they do not face any problems in their later life. A counselor works as a medicine to cure diseases related to the career, job. It is vital for every student’s life. Career Counseling work wonders for every student and their career.


  1. A school counselor is responsible for the overall development of the child in education. We can say they play a major role in supporting students to set their academic / career goals, effectively help manage emotional and behavioral problems, and generate awareness on mental health among students, teachers, and management. In short, they mold the student in a better way.


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