Career Options Post Retirement


“Retirement is not the end of the road, it is the beginning of the open highway” – Unknown.

A life-changing decision, retirement is not just the case of not having to set your alarm clock for work anymore. Travelling, painting, gardening, writing, volunteering for activities of your choice or just doing anything that one defines as fun. The list of things one might want to do post-retirement, the things for which one never had the time in the humdrum work routine- is practically limitless. But, there are good career options available after retirement.

Hard proponents of the above adage might also seek to learn a new skill or two. To have a smooth ride in their open highway aka retirement.

This, however, is not to be construed that retirement is a non-stop ride of fun, frolic, and excitement. While most retirees report a honeymoon-like period for the initial months, generally the first six to nine months. They – in the same breath- also report an urge to be much more productive (than they had anticipated) post that honeymoon period.

Whether it is the urge to be more productive, the need to earn that buck in retirement as well, simply missing work, or the fact that work post-retirement might keep you physically and mentally healthy. There exist a plethora of reasons one might decide to work post-retirement.

Some of the career options one might pursue post-retirement

1. Mentor/Consultant

People holding advanced degrees or a specialized experience can consider leveraging upon their years of learning, experience, and training to take up a mentoring or consulting job. They might even, considering they loved their previous job, seek a mentor-ship/consultant role – albeit at their terms.

2. Driver

Considering the vast numbers of cab aggregates like uber, ola, etc blossoming (and if driving is something that you might enjoy) registering oneself as a driver with one of them can also be a viable career option post-retirement. These are decent-paying jobs. They might be suited if supplementing your saved cash reserves was your motive, to begin with.

3. Babysitting/Pet Care

Another job profile that might suit the free time a retiree has is to provide his services as a babysitter for those whose routines might prevent them from being available full time for their young children. Also, for these very time stressed working professionals keeping and maintaining a pet is a tedious process. Also, you can provide your services as a pet care provider. You can provide any pet-related niche service like dog walking etc. to the customer.

4. Volunteering Jobs

Working for animal care, teaching underprivileged children, providing computer or other related training, or any other volunteering job close to your heart can also be another job option that one might consider. Though they may not be very lucrative on the financial aspect. But they do provide a wonderful opportunity to keep yourself busy, have some work. You can also give back to society as well.

5. Freelancing

The rise of the gig economy also provides an opportunity for retirees to put up their skills and experiences for use on a freelancing platform. Though, freelancing can be sometimes unpredictable. But, it can provide an opportunity for them to be free from any other time or location related constraints. These constraints often accompany a non-freelance post-retirement job with a fixed employer.

6. Retail Store

Another option for retirees can be to open a retail store(or even an online store) for let’s say the items they have in abundance and might not use. Besides testing one’s marketing and selling skills selling items can be a sustained source of income. If, though, one happens to find the right buyers.

7. Hobby as a Profession

Is writing your hobby- write that blog or novel. If painting is your thing, what stops you from holding an exhibition? Another option for those seeking a career post-retirement is to build one purely from your hobby.

These, though not exhaustive, are some of the jobs/career options one might pursue post-retirement. So go ahead and have a Happy work filled Retirement !!

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