How To Choose Career Path After 10th?


“One of the most expensive things you can do is listen to the wrong people”. Indian Education focuses a lot on Board Exams because post the first board exam the main question strikes one’s mind is how to design one’s career path after the 10th. There is a lot of suggestions falling from all sides, relatives, friends, parents, seniors and so on. There is an intense pressure regarding what stream to go ahead with, and the primary confusion rests in whether commerce or science. So, how to choose Which Stream After 10th?

“Don’t expect everyone to understand your journey especially if they never had to walk your path”. The dilemma arises due to social stigma rather than a conflict of interest. People give more value to an engineering degree after the 10th and do not accept arts as a respectful stream. These thoughts lead one to decide the career path after 10th under the influence of society rather than introspecting on what he/she wants.

All these thoughts run in one’s head and one ends up choosing a stream according to the society. Well, for a rare set of people it works out, but most often it leads to regrets, frustration for the subjects that seems difficult to comprehend because of being disinterested in them and distress because one feels like one has failed in choosing the correct career path after 10th. And then they are stuck with no option to undo their move. 

Follow these simple guidelines to avoid impromptu decisions

1. Awareness of skills

One must identify his/her skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Preparing list regarding what attracts someone and why, and what is a point of boredom for him.  This makes it easier to eliminate and select options to shape the career path for them after the 10th. Know yourself to the fullest and it would be much easier.                                                         

2. Research

It is very important to be aware of what options are available. Of course, there are plenty, but one should be familiar with them. It will only broaden the outlook and change minds about cliché careers path one has been hearing all his/her life. There is a lot more than that.                                         

3. Seek help

Discussing the alternatives with parents, teachers, other elders, and seniors is effective only if the focus is on guidance rather than imitating their career paths completely with an expectation to land in the same zone as they are in. They could guide, according to their experience, but one has to understand what is being said and make an independent decision.   

4. Career counseling

One could visit a career counselor to make the right decision by using scientific help. It will help explore career paths and make a plan. Maybe even a backup plan concerning hobbies and other fields of interest.

One must not burden himself with parental or peer pressure. Be very careful, because the learnings post 10th is very crucial. It does make a difference in one’s life and thus choosing the very apt career path after 10th is important. 

Sometimes after hearing the so-called “good grades” in the 10th, people suggest taking the science stream. Mediocre grades lead to the commerce stream and falling below that, which means the arts stream, of course.

Well, that is certainly not a way to choose a stream. Passion to learn the subject is important in selecting the stream. Because in the long term, it’s the will that survives in the career path and not the “socially acceptable” stream.

“Your career is going to fill a large part of life and the only way to be satisfied in the career path that you choose is to perform the work you believe is great and for that, you have to love the work”.

Various streams available – Career path after 10th

1. Science

Most parents want their children to pursue science as a career path after the 10th, because it provides a variety of lucrative job opportunities, in a nutshell, salary. Most students are not aware of the variety, and hence, miss out on them, also by using the wrong choice of subjects. The advantage that the stream provides is that, one can jump to the stream of commerce or arts later on. If that happens, the student misses out the basics and has to work harder in the next choice of subjects. This acts as an obstacle in the flow of the career path. 

2. Commerce

After considering science, we think of commerce. It is a stream that includes subjects like, accountancy, marketing, economics, business law and so on. Even if one jumps to arts in case of difficulty, the problem stated above will be faced.

3. Arts

The most undervalued stream that holds excitingly numerous career path alternatives, has a range of subjects like literature, sociology, fashion designing, political science, geography, legal studies, economics, history, graphic designing, physical education, philosophy, etc. (After all, it is the humanities that bring a change in the society. Please do not attach a stigma to it)

4. Miscellaneous

One could opt for work in the career path which involves government services and some private-sector jobs right after the 10th. There is also an option of distance education wherein, you can balance your studies and work thus setting an innovative stage for a career path with prior practical experience. Another underrated option is diploma and certificate courses. So giving entrance exams for these positions sets a strong foundation on deciding the career path after the 10th. 

Do not get carried away by what others say. Choose the board that aligns one’s effort with his/her career goals and career path that one chooses. A strong belief in oneself is a must. Taking calculative risk is an art and thus to revert to the original idea is never a bad plan. The deep analysis could resolve the ambiguity in results. Career is all about exploring opportunities and delivering the best in the path that lies ahead. 

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