Can I Do Career Shift After 10 Years In A Job?


A career is something that everyone looks forward to in their lives. Well, why wouldn’t anyone do so? It is the source of one’s livelihood. Working hard for something, earning money, feeding a family, settling down.

All these activities provide a sense of satisfaction to the heart and brain. That yes you are capable of something and can take care of yourself. Around the world, the want or the need of having a career is almost the same.

It is also a very personal decision. One decides what they want to be on the basis of their likes and interests. No one would want to work for something they do not like.

Welcome to India

Welcome to the land of engineers and doctors. These are the 2 most common careers in India. We got independence in 1947, but still, every year war is there in this country.

No, not with guns or tanks. But with brains and grades. Everyone wants to get into the best college, the best job, and the best salary package. But that is easier said than done right? Especially in times like today.

But not for you. As you were born, before any of this grade hustle started. Frankly, it was not your parents who pushed you. It had been your desire to be a civil engineer and build your heart out.

After breaking a sweat or two you scored more than required in your higher secondary standard. Then after grinding yourself, only you know how much you cleared your J.E.E exams. Finally kissing goodbye to your social and love life, you became a civil engineer.

How well does it feel? Pretty good I suppose. Why wouldn’t you? Talk about today, or back then when you became a civil engineer it was and is still considered to be one of the toughest courses to crack.

Surely the journey was tough. But once you settled in, gave it your all you did it.

Damage Restoration

It has been ten years since you have been working in your dream company. But something is different now. It’s not that you do not like this job or that co-worker drank up your coffee again.

But it is something else, something weird. Seems like you have lost interest. You just do not feel like working anymore.

No! Why after 10 years all of a sudden? Where did you go wrong? What about all the hard work you did? What will you do next? Will your skills go to waste?

These might be the most frequent and the most common questions in that head of yours. But wait, you are an engineer. You fix so big stuff, I am sure you can handle your own mind.

Let me help you with a tool box.

Tool Box

The first tool is realization. Get out of that headspace of yours and have a look around you. Understand how the times have changed and how many options are there now for people like you?

The second tool is reality. We, humans, have created so many choices in today’s time that it can often lead to confusion. Confusion about what to do and what not to do? And which is completely normal.

It is not a life tag that you have to do only one thing or stick to only one job for your whole life. After all, it is your life and your decision. Do what you want. A wide variety of career options have been made available for you. It is okay to switch to something else if you feel you like it and want a change.

The final tool is a decision. After browsing through a list of what you want to do next. You come across the option of a Data Analyst. By all means, go for it.

I am sure your skills with math and algebra and machine learning, puts you in a better position than the rest.

Do not forget

Another thing you can quit worrying about is the past. The time you invested in the course, work, and your previous company is not wasted. This is the same investment that has given you this return now.

Also working at one of the top organizations earlier has taught you a lot. People skills, working under pressure, time management, problem-solving, and whatnot.

Whenever you have doubts about yourself, just take a look at your skill closet. You will hardly be able to contain it.

Hope this article will give you some understanding about a career shift after 10 years in a job?

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