Sunday, September 20, 2020
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HR Analytics – History & Growth

History & Evolution of HR Analytics.

Cultural Intelligence Training Overview

Have you ever thought to conduct Cultural Intelligence Training? You must think about it.

Excel Journey From 2003 To 2019

Do you know the journey of Excel from 2003 to 2019?

Role Of HR During Recession

Do you know the recession affects many of us? What is the ROLE of HR?

Oh Recession – Coping With & Finding A Job!

We know recession sucks. It affects everyone. How can we manage it especially if we have to find a job?

Difference Between Microsoft Office 2019 And Microsoft 365

Although both MS products - MS Office 2019 and MS 365 are awesome, know the difference between them.

MS Power BI (For All Professionals)

If you use any data then you must learn Power BI. Yes, it is for all of us.

Joining A New Job? 10 Tips For You

Congrats for a new job! Do you want to know some tips for new joining!

How To Gracefully Exit After Serving Notice Period?

Do you know how to gracefully exit from the company? Don't worry, we will tell you here.

DA-100 Exam – Way To Become Microsoft Certified in Power BI

How to register for the DA-100 exam to attain the certificate. How can one become a Certified professional in MS Power BI?

Pre-recorded vs Live: Choose Wisely

You will never experience the learning through the LIVE session until you try it!

Setting-up Webinar: Pre-recorded or Live?

Do you want to set-up a webinar? What would you prefer - Pre-recorded or Live?

Why Are Business Intelligence Tools Important?

BI Tools are important for companies. It helps in Business and companies must invest in such tools and training.

Should You Invest In Tableau?

Tableau has emerged as one of the hottest trends in the business industry in 2020. A bench-mark for data visualization. Have some raw data?...

7 Tips for Transitioning Your Teams to Remote Work

Today we may want teams to work in a remote manner but are we prepared for this transition to remote work?