Saturday, September 19, 2020

Career Planning

50 Most Often Asked Interview Questions – A Complete Guide

Wouldn't it be great if you knew what exactly you need to say to crack a job interview? Here is a collection of commonly asked questions in an interview that we've answered just for you!

How To Learn Chemistry?

Chemistry made easy. Check how to learn chemistry and get more marks.

How To Learn Physics?

Now Physics is no more difficult. Be the next Newton!

Early Career Counseling And Associated Benefits

Why Career Counselling as early as possible?

Difference Between MBA And PGDM

Confused between MBA and PGDM? Relax, we got you sorted!

College Life (Delhi University)

Every student thinks about admission in DU once a life but do they know the college life there? Let's explore.

How To Search For A Job Secretively?

learn various ways in which one can search for a job secretively like keeping it to yourself.

Is It Possible To Get A Job At 60 (Post Retirement)?

Looking for a job post-retirement? Discuss the challenges in finding a job as a retired person, and also learn some tips and tricks to tackle them.

How To Ace A “One-On-One” Interview – A Complete Guide

Complete Guide with 7 Steps to crack a one-on-one (face-to-face) interview. Follow them to ensure that you never fail in an interview.

Panel Interviews Are Tough Nuts – Know How To Crack Them!...

5 Tips to crack a Panel Interview!

Demand What You Deserve, Girl!

The blog broadly is a mild satirical take on how is it to be a working woman in an organization. The main focus is on tips for the women to consider while negotiating salary and taking back a paycheck boasting their desired figures on it.

Tips For Improving Your 21st Century Study Skills

Check out the 3 tips on "How students can improve their 21st-century study skills".

Pay Transparency VS Pay Secrecy

Let's draw the effects of pay transparency and secrecy. Highlight "how an employee and employer should take the decision of disclosing the salaries and policies mutually benefiting for all".

Blind Hiring In India – A Radical Reform

The blog covers blind hiring in Indian organizations and how technological advancements can result in eradicating the preconceived biases while conducting recruitment.

Negotiating To Earn Your Worth

The article talks about the art of salary negotiation. What does a candidate go through during the situation, do's and don'ts, sample answers to common questions?