Friday, September 18, 2020

Blind Hiring In India – A Radical Reform

The blog covers blind hiring in Indian organizations and how technological advancements can result in eradicating the preconceived biases while conducting recruitment.

Negotiating To Earn Your Worth

The article talks about the art of salary negotiation. What does a candidate go through during the situation, do's and don'ts, sample answers to common questions?

Problems In Recruitment Industry And The Possible Solutions

Discuss the most difficult problems in Recruitment, their impact and how can we solve them?

Why LinkedIn Should Be Used For Recruitment?

If you want to hire good professionals then don't ignore LinkedIn. See top7 reasons why LinkedIn for recruitment?

Benefits Of Video Interview

If you want to save money, time and get perfect talent then Video interview can be the right approach. You can reach any part of the world so why don't you go for it?

Pros And Cons To Do Job After Marriage

Are you married & doing Job? Then, you must connect the Pros & Cons of the job after marriage. Take it easy!

How To Get The HR Interview Right?

HR interview looks easy but not? Check the ways to get HR interview right and get the job.

What Is Resume & How To Improve?

What is a Resume? How to improve it? Check simple tips to make an amazing resume.

Interview Preparation – What & How?

Want to do your utmost best in the interview? Check how!

5 Interesting Jobs Around The World (Love the 3rd)

Looking for jobs? We may not have your preferred profile however you may know the 5 most interesting jobs in the world here! Disclaimer: Not necessarily, you may find them interesting.

9 Skills You Must Have To Get Hired

Make yourself Job Ready by learning 9 Important skills. Check them and start learning!

Reasons Why You Are Not Selected In Interview?

Story of a guy, Hari who explains the reasons for not selecting in an interview. Avoid such reasons and get selected.

10 Best Things We Should Consider In Interview

We do mistakes during the interview. What are the 10 best things which we should always consider in an interview?

How To Avoid Getting Duped By Your New Employer?

"Oh really? Was I told this" If you want to avoid such shock by the employer then check this masterpiece written for you?

How To Hire People For A Startup?

Everything one must know to begin with recruitment in a startup in a nutshell. Happy savings at HRs.