Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Impact Of COVID -19 Situation On Education

No matter who you are, you can see the impact of Covid-19 all around you. What changes has the pandemic brought to our education system? Read this blog to find out.

Pros And Cons Of Online Courses

Are Online Courses a boon or bane? Well, we think they are a bit of both! You should weigh the pros and cons thoroughly before enrolling in an online course.

Benefits Of One On One Training

If you want to get learning 10 times, invest 2 times! One on One training has many benefits, you must realize.

Pre-recorded vs Live: Choose Wisely

You will never experience the learning through the LIVE session until you try it!

Setting-up Webinar: Pre-recorded or Live?

Do you want to set-up a webinar? What would you prefer - Pre-recorded or Live?

Why Are Business Intelligence Tools Important?

BI Tools are important for companies. It helps in Business and companies must invest in such tools and training.

How Can Students Utilize The Lockdown Period?

If you are a student, you must find yourself with a lot of free time during this lockdown. Use this time to make the best out of a bad situation! How? Read on and learn.

Utilising Lockdown As An Opportunity Forever!

Lockdown may not control someone who wants to learn. Take this as an opportunity. We show you "How".

Is Online Training Useful?

In this technology world, do we find our learning has impacted? How is online training doing?

Is e-Learning As A Training Method The Correct Way?

Do you ever think of e-learning as a training method? Check the benefits of blended learning.

How Do Employees View Online Training Program?

Do you like Online Training Program? Are they really useful for your employees?

How E-Learning Is Helpful?

What is Internet learning? How E-learning benefits us. Discuss various advantages and more.

Gamification In E-Learning

Everyone loves games. What about if we apply gamification in E-learning. Isn't it amazing?

Online Education In Indian Education System

Online Education has many advantages. What all Online Education could do in Indian Education System? Why Let's explore why it has less impact so far.

How Mobiles Can Revolutionize Education?

Today everything is on Mobile. Mobiles are bringing revolution in the education system. Let's check "HOW'?