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Choose a Career as Chef

The mouthwatering food – Delicious recipes, You go drooling over it. Everyone loves food. After all, Food is a basic necessity for survival. Tasty Food is all the more you need. Food lightens up your mood. Food is for every occasion. Be it Festivals, Birthdays, etc. You are happy to gorge on Tasty Food. Pehle Pet Puja Fir Kaam Duja is a tagline of every foodie. Career counseling platforms do not tell you enough about cooking as a career option because it is considered as a niche profession. No one sees cooking as a profession. It is only a hobby. This Blog will help you understand how to Choose Career as Chef

Cooking is the profession only taken up by our mothers. Our mothers are the best cook of all time.

Maa ke haathon mein swaad hota hai. Maa ke Jaisa Khaana koi aur nahi bana sakta. It is a fact and can’t be denied. We all love homemade food cooked by our mothers with love

With the coming of Television shows such as MasterChef India people now have started looking at cooking as a career option.

Are your taste Buds Good and you have the tongue to become a Connoisseur? Do you love to cook in your free time? Did you try out new recipes from the internet?

Do you love cooking more than eating? Is cooking the stress buster for you?

Then, we finally conclude that cooking is the best career option for you. You can become the next Master Chef of India.

Take inspiration from big names in this field like Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna.

“Eating is a Necessity But Cooking is An Art”.

What is cooking?

Cooking is the skill of preparing food by heating, mixing ingredients. Making of food that is tasty to eat.  It can also be called art. Cooking techniques vary across the world.

Who is a Cook?

A person who knows the skill of cooking is called a cook. Cook is a person that prepares food for consumption by other individuals. You may have a cook at your home. Layman terms Jo Khanna Banata Hai Vo Cook.

Have a look at how can you make a career in cooking and which colleges offer this course

Top Colleges for Culinary

  • Culinary Academic of India
  • Institute Of Hotel Management, Pusa
  • Amrapali Institute of Hotel Management
  • International Institute Of Culinary


Students who wish to choose a career as a chef do not have the restriction of the stream. They can take any stream in class 12th. Preferably the Arts stream. Pass high school with decent marks and obtain the certificate.

Since now you know about your hidden talent of cooking. You can choose to pursue a career as a chef after class 12th.


  • Get admission into the Hotel Management Course or Institute offering culinary courses. The hotel management course is a three bachelor degree where one year is common for all and then the subsequent years are chosen by the child based on interest. You can choose fields such as food, cooking. Culinary courses are diploma courses as well. Study these courses and gain experience in this industry.
  • After completing the bachelor’s degree or course in culinary. Not everyone can travel abroad. You can join cooking classes in India. You will get plenty in numbers. These cooking classes are an excellent source to teach you. You will learn new techniques, recipes, etc. This will hone your skills.
  • Watch shows based on cooking like Khana Khazana, channels like Food Food. These will help you. You can learn a lot. They also tell you some kitchen techniques, remedies, etc.
  • You can start your cooking classes or business from home. This will give you a boost. This will give you confidence that you can cook. Expand your business slowly. A good way to practice. Perfect your cooking skills.
  • Take a chance to be part of a show like Master-Chef. The ultimate stop for all cooks. If you are lucky to make it. You will learn a lot. They teach you skills like leadership, team management in different ways. They teach you the nuances of cooking.
  • Cooking is an art. Everyone can cook but everyone can not cook tasty food. Tasty food is the key. Delicious, mouthwatering food is what everyone appreciates. Cooking is not one-time learning. You learn every day. You learn from everywhere. This is the process of discovery and better you. You could take advanced lessons in cooking, food industry. This will add feathers to your hat.


Now as the industry in food is flourishing, cooking is being taken up as a profession by many. There are professional courses in this field. There are several courses in the area of food. Have you heard about them? No, well do some research.

Cooking is in the hands. The courses are there just to enhance your skills and add something extra to it.

It is a passion for cooking that pushes you to choose a career as a chef. Feeding your stomach with money by feeding others.

You cannot become a cook if you do not love cooking. Are you a kitchen Person? Yes, then only cooking is meant for you.

So explore this side of yours. The cooking side and wear the chef Cap. Maybe you can be the next Biggest Chef of India. Be optimistic.

This is the end of the tasty journey of cooking. Please research well about this field, possibilities if you want to be a cook. 




  1. Good article about how to take up cooking as a career. As hospitality education landscape has changed in the late 90’s with professional culinary arts emerging as a career option of India’s careers options my suggestion to any student aspiring to be a chef should go to a culinary college and pursue professional culinary arts program. Today it’s an era of core specialisations and a generic hotel management course may not do justice as you are learning cooking as just one subject and not as the core part of the curriculum.
    Chef S Joshi
    Chef Instructor International Cuisine
    Culinary Academy of India


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