What Is & How To Be A Jewelry Designer?

Choose Career as Jewellery Designer

Solitaire is the first love of every lady. Everyone loves to wear jewelry. Woman’s beauty is enhanced by the jewelry. Especially Indian women love to wear gold. They are loaded with tons of jewelry. If you have jewelry, it means you are wealthy inside. Jewelry denotes the richness and wealthiness of a person. If you want to grow as a professional in jewelry designing. This Blog will help you choose a jewelry designer as a career.

Jewelry has this unique thing about it it makes you feel special. The power of Jewelry.

Everyone has a taste in jewelry.

“Every Piece of a Jewelry Tells a Story,” – Gem Hunt.

Jewelry makes you look like a real Gem of a person. Haha, because you are wearing gems all over.

Well, career counselors tell you about jewelry designing as a career?. Have you ever inquired about it?. Hence, Chances are you must not have enquired about it as a profession or it might not have clicked your mind.

Instances may lead you to become a jewelry designer. You love wearing jewelry everyone knows but you also love designing jewelry is something you need to tell the world.

Show the world your talent for designing. Fashion designing is old. Jewelry designing is new in the market. So, Showcase your taste of designing in jewelry.

You will feel on top of the world when you see beautiful women around wearing your exclusive designs and collection.

You can boast among your peers, PTA HAI USNE MERA DESIGN PEHNA HAI

If you hit the JackPot, you will design for big labels, celebrities. Isn’t that exciting? It is going to be very exciting.

Who is a jewelry designer?

A person who is professionally designed creative jewelry for the customers out there in the world. The art of decorating. It dates back to the oldest of times.

What does a jewelry designer do?

A jewelry designer works on precious metals such as gold, platinum, and stones like a diamond, ruby, gemstones, etc and creates wearable pieces of art. They may work for a client personally or the masses.

It is just like a beautician who designs hairstyles, a furniture maker designs furniture, a jewelry maker designs jewelry for consumption either by the individual or the masses.

How to choose a career as a jewelry designer?

The idea to become a jewelry designer seems to be a fascinating one. Now you know you have one more career option interesting enough other than the boring doctor and engineer. So let me tell you how you can choose a career as a jewelry designer.


  • Passed 10 + 2 or equivalent in any stream with the recognized board.
  • A qualification in class 10th will also do.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field is optional, depending on the person and desire to study more.

Diploma courses

There is no specified course for jewelry designing. There are several diploma courses, certifications in jewelry designing. Crash courses are offered in jewelry designing. The entry to institutes offering jewelry designing courses is regulated by an aptitude test followed by the interview.

Top Colleges for Jewelry Designing

  • Arc Academy of Designing.
  • Erase School of fashion
  • DNADS, Bangalore.

But, The list only presents a few colleges. As the profession is in demand. The institutes offering this course will be in high numbers. Also, Check yourself for the number of options.

Steps you can follow to become a jewelry designer.

  • First of all, you need good drawing skills. A person good at sketching and drawing can take up this profession. You need to have an expression. A sense of creativity, innovation, signature, style. This makes your creation stand out.
  • If you possess these necessary skills also get yourself enrolled in a designing school. Learn the basics of jewelry designing. The art of resizing, reshaping, etc. Hands-on manual training, dexterity, etc.
  • Today, you can create your designs on the computer. There are concepts of 3D designs, Corel Draw, Photoshop. Have in-depth knowledge about it. Learn specific designing software like Rhino, Jewel Cad, Auto-Cad, etc.
  • Take apprenticeship programs. Work under a mentor. You will learn a lot. You will learn the craft. It puts you in practice. Further, when you are confident enough and have fully developed the skills, you are ready to take on the career.
  • So, it’s better to go for a diploma course to add to your qualifications. It is nothing wrong. Some learn on their own. They watch videos and are exceptionally talented. Mind You, There always Exceptions.!

Career Options and Job Prospects

You are entitled to work in settings such as.

  • Jewelry stores
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Designing Institutes
  • Self Employed
  • Private Studios
  • Freelancers
  • Flea Markets.

The career in jewelry designing involves talent and training. They cast and mold the jewelry, identification of gemstones, testing of the jewelry. The designer makes the design on the paper then work on a computer. They make detailed drawings, modular structures. Designs made in a computer represents reality and give you a real feel. The computer helps in the manufacturing of more unique, antique pieces and in less time, hassle-free environment. This is the work by the jewelry designer in the practical world.


The minimum salary earned when you choose a career as a jewelry designer is between INR 8000-10000. If you want to earn more, you can work as a freelancer. Working in a private studio can make you earn like INR 20,000. You need to carve a niche for yourself in the market so you get good clients. Above all, Working with big labels like Tanishq, working for celebrities make you earn in Lakhs. Farah Khan Ali, Neelam Kothari are some renowned jewelry designers working in the industry.

Jewelry has always made women happy. They have an affinity for jewelry. Jewelry has great economic significance in the Indian Industry. It has been a forte of Goldsmith, Karigars who have inherited this quality from their ancestors. But now it is growing and reaching beyond the traditional jewelry makers.

Therefore, It is a good career option for a lookout. Impress your lady with a piece of statement jewelry 🙂


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