What Is & How To Be A Nurse?

Choose Career as Nurse

What we want to become in our lives is directed by the uniforms we like. As children, we wanted to become a doctor because of the white coat and a stethoscope hanging around the necks. As a result, I always wanted to choose a career as a nurse when I was small. Because of the white dress and the nurse cap fascinated me.

Are you even attracted to the attire of a nurse? It is only when we grow up we take our profession seriously. Since not much information is available in the nursing field because of the lack of groundwork by career counseling platforms. Therefore, this blog post will help you understand how to choose your career as a nurse.

Firstly, nurses touch the lives of many. They heal the patient with love and care. They touch work like magic and is the touch of gold. Becoming a Nurse requires compassion and heart filled with care for others. Because not everyone can take care of the ill like their own family.

NURSE – “Just another word to describe a person strong enough to tolerate everything and soft enough to understand everyone.”

Vo Nurse hi hai Jisne Tumhara Khyaal Rakha Tha Jab Tum Bimaar They and treated you.

So let me throw some light on the role of the nurse and the definition of What is a Nurse. Of course, I don’t need a Wikipedia definition to quote because we already know what the nurse is.

What is a Nurse?

A Nurse is a person providing care to ill and infirm. Nursing is a profession of prevention, assistance, optimization of health and abilities. Prevention of illness, alleviation of suffering through medicines and treatment. Hence it is the advocacy of care for individuals, families, and communities.

In other words, nurses cure ill and injured people. They take care of them by providing medical assistance. Nurses work in different settings hospitals, public health care departments, schools, etc.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses have to perform the following duties:

  • Patient health care
  • Assessment of Patients
  • Developing Nursing Care Plans
  • Educating Patients about their health and conditions.

How to be a Nurse

This section will include all that it takes to choose a career as a nurse. For instance, the exams you need to clear, the requirements to sit for the exams, the colleges you can take admission and everything in detail that will help you in becoming a nurse.

So you just need to spend around half an hour and you will know about the nursing course. I am sure, you can do this much for your career and surely if you want to become a nurse you should be eligible without fail.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Having Chemistry, Physic, and Biology as main subjects in class 12th
  • Pass class 12th with minimum of 50% marks

If you fit in this, you are ready for the next level, the Entrance Exam.

You need to take an Entrance Exam named, BSC Nursing.

BSC Nursing is a four-year undergraduate regular course. Regulated by INC (Indian Nursing Council) and offered by several universities through their affiliated nursing colleges.

Top BSC Nursing Colleges In India

  • RAK College of Nursing, Delhi
  • CMC Vellore College of Nursing
  • AIIMS BSC Nursing
  • Manipal College Of Nursing

Process of Becoming a Nurse

1. Interested candidates can appear for this BSC Nursing Entrance Examination conducted by various state and independent educational bodies to admit students to various teaching colleges. After this, they will a lot of colleges to you based on your rank. Therefore, to admit to the best nursing college, try to secure a good rank.

  • These exams are conducted in May- June, and results are out by July. The paper is objective type. Also, some colleges give admission based on a percentage of the qualifying class.

2. This is a four-year program that you need to study. You go through theoretical training during these four years. You will undergo various aspects of this field. Also, join an internship program with a hospital to get practical training.

3. After the complete four years, you will be awarded the degree in Nursing only if you complete all the four years without any back. Now you are a Nurse to nurse the patients.

The college fees vary in Thousands for government colleges to Lakhs for private colleges.

Besides, there are other courses opted by students to work in the field of Nursing

1. General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)

There is an entrance test for this course named GNM Entrance Test.

Eligibility for this test

  • Minimum and maximum age is 17 and 35 years, respectively
  • Subjects needed is Physic, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Minimum aggregate required is 50%

Hence, if you wish to take up GNM, you can sit for the entrance test provided you clear the eligibility. The exam is held in May- June, and results are out by June-July.  After completing this 3-1/ 2 along with the practical training and experience. You are qualified to choose a career as an Assistant Nurse.

2. Auxiliary Nurse Midwife / Health Worker (ANM)

It is a two-year diploma course. It also involves both theoretical and practical training. Also, the training is mandatory and is covered in these two years.

Eligibility for ANM

  • Age limit is 17 years and not above than 35 years
  • Passed 10 +2
  • No restriction for streams. Could be Science, Commerce, and Arts
  • Marks required 40-50%

After completing ANM you can get yourself registered with State Nurse Registration Council and work as a healthcare assistant with private or in public health care centers also.

3. M.S.C Nursing

You are eligible to pursue M.S.C Nursing only after completing BSC Nursing.

M.S.C Nursing is a 2-year program. Involves both theoretical and practical training. Therefore, you get admission into nursing institutes based on the rank secured in the entrance test.

Career prospects

  • Assistant Nurse
  • Nurse
  • Staff Nurse
  • Head Nurse (top of the ladder).


A person in the nursing profession can get anything between 10,000 -15, 000 increasing up to 30,000 to 40,000. Besides, you can take up private assignments and cure people who need services at the time of recovery or a person suffering from a chronic ailment and charge up to 20,000-25,000  or more depending.

Above all, the profession of a Nurse is a noble one. Also, you cannot compensate for the services provided by the nurse with money. The nurse is next to the mother. In other words, they sacrifice their lives for the ill and unfit to cure them and make them fit. They do not discriminate on the grounds of caste, creed, color and give the same love and affection to every patient.

In conclusion, a Nurse requires the following skills

  • They should have proper knowledge about the field and the conditions they are set to work in
  • To discharge their duties with full faith and commitment
  • Should have practical knowledge which can be gained by working in professional environments
  • A nurse must uphold the dignity of every patient and must work within the ethical framework and rules
  • Must have the ability and confidence to work with less supervision and provide the best of the care.

This is the end of the caring journey of the Nursing Field.

Happy Nursing 🙂


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