What Is & How To Be A Photographer?


Do you love taking selfies? You love posing and you are not at all a camera-shy person. You take good selfies. But you certainly cannot call yourself a Photographer. Taking Selfies and Clicking Pictures are two different things. Being a Photographer means standing behind the lens. If you love your camera, you love clicking the photographs and not love getting yourself clicked. Then you have a photographer inside you. This Blog will help you understand how to Choose a Career as a Photographer.

To most people, Photography is not a profession. It is a hobby. “Kya Saara Din Camera Leke Ghumta Rehta Hai” is what you get to hear.

So, Hear it from career counseling platforms about Photography as a Profession. They will guide you and tell you about this budding career option.

Photography is the best career option for all those who want to be a Photographer. Everyone can have a camera but only a few know how to use this camera wisely.

Photography is an Art and Science Both and only a few of them master this art and science.

“Let your words be few and exposure be many”.

Choose a career as a photographer because you want to and not because you want to have a camera and show off to the world.

What is Photography?

The art of capturing objects by the way of the camera. The placing of objects within four walls of the frame. If we go by the scientific definition of Photography, It is the process of capturing images by the action of light.

Who is a Photographer

A person who captures images is known as Photographer. In layman language, a person who says Smile and then you heard a Click Voice and the photograph is taken. A person who takes photographs as a profession.

Photography is a passion turn Profession. It’s your hobby to click pictures around you, capturing and making moments and soon you take it up as a profession. The best profession is the ones that are driven by passion, interest, and hobby. It makes the profession more lively.

How to Become a Photographer

Becoming a photographer involves many steps. If you want to choose a career as a photographer try out these steps and maybe you’ll become one.

Eligibility required to become a photographer

  • Pass high school in CBSE or ICSE board
  • Secure the minimum aggregate required
  • Any chosen stream be it Science, Commerce, Humanities will do

Certain Points to remember

  • Opt for a bachelor’s degree in Mass communication, journalism or related field. As it is a three-year program it makes you theoretically sound and will provide you with practical training as well. These courses teach you photography, videography. A good way to start with. As I said photography is science as well. You need to have some basic knowledge about the parts of the camera, functions, science behind it.
  •  And Buy a digital camera and A photographer is nothing without the camera. Understand the camera well. You should know every part of it and how it functions. Start clicking pictures from it. Explore the world through your lens. A good way to practice photography. Ask for feedback from others about your photography and photographs clicked
  • Join a photography school. You can also join a Diploma in Photography offered by many private Institutes. Many travel abroad to learn about photography. As per your needs choose the mode. This will make you more proficient in photography. Learn the techniques from the photography guru.
  • You must discover your area of interest. Photography is a wide field. It encompasses many specific fields like a wildlife photographer, a fashion photographer. Every field has its parameters, and education to be gained. Learn that.
  • Practice makes a man perfect and This goes very well with photography. You will only learn and then will become an expert if you practice. Practice with heart and soul. Take criticism positively. Work on your weak areas. The more time you spend with your camera more you will discover
  • Watch tutorials of famous photographers in your area and If you are interested in fashion photography. Watch Dabboo Ratnani’s tutorial, work, etc. Attend Photography workshops, seminars to learn. You learn from everywhere.
  • Buy relevant equipment. There are different lenses, tripod stands, accessories you need. If you are taking up this as a profession you will be needing everything. You need everything to perfect the shot. Be well equipped.
  • Work as a photographer intern in studios or companies. This will give you exposure as well as you can build on connections. Internship teaches you a lot
  • Create your photography page on social media. This will give you a boost and people will get a chance to view your work. Their comments will help you to improve and strive for perfection.
  • Contact people in the photography field .names that are established and try to work under them. Contact media houses. They need photographers. This will give your career a push.

Top colleges to study photography

  • Indian school of photography
  • IIP Academy
  • Raghu Rai Center of Photography

Search photography schools that you want to study in. The school that you fit in. Maybe you want to get into a photography school that is specific and gives training only in wildlife photography and you want to become a wildlife photographer.


An average salary a photographer earns is Rs 345, 727 per year if sources are to be believed. Fashion photographers earn handsome salaries. You could earn more as you climb up the ladder and become exclusive in it.

If you want to learn more. You could set up your photography studio and then take private clients and projects and charge accordingly.

So becoming a photographer isn’t easy at all. It takes much more than you ever think. It’s not easy.

Karna hi kya hai, Camera se click karna hai bas. Man! You are wrong. It’s not just clicking but it’s creating. What’s the difference between the photograph taken by you and the one taken by the professional one? Find out yourself and Things look beautiful because they have been captured in the same way.

“The camera sees more than the eye, then why not make use of it”

“Your first 1000 photographs are the worst” – By Henri Cartier-Bresson.

This is how you can choose a career as a photographer. I wish this information could guide you in the best way and make you a photographer soon in your life. So, thank me later when you become.

Just a picture of mine will also do 🙂

So I wind up this here. You can read more articles on Edu4Sure. Edu4Sure is a career counseling platform where you can read articles on e-education.

“Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like”.



  1. Thank you for sharing, it has boosted my confidence towards my passion for my photography. It is possible to take an online course, will it be beneficial?


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