What Is & How To Be A Police Officer?

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No service is greater than servicing the nation. We live securely in our homes and sleep a sound sleep because we know someone is guarding us on the borders. We have people in uniforms to take care of our security and safety. Har Maa Apne Bete ko Police wala Bana Chahti Hai. The family feels proud when the son fortifies the nation. Let us understand how to choose a career as a police officer.

Har Army Wala, Police Wala Desh ke Liye Kuch Karna Chahta Hai. Above all, these people have fought battles for us. They do not think about religion, caste, relationship when they guard us. If you are aspiring for becoming a Police Officer or a police social worker, then this blog will help you understand how to Choose a Career as a Police Officer.

It takes courage to sacrifice your life for the country. To take a bullet shot for the millions out there who do not even know that you are doing this.

Vo Aapko Suraksha Dete Hai Apni Suraksha Khatre Mein Daal Ke.

Our soldiers, army men, policemen and all those employed to serve the nation can only do this. No one else can do this.

No other profession demands life other than the profession of PoliceMen, Soldiers.

Feel Safe at Night Because Cops are there.

I am filled with patriotism while I write this blog.


If you are a true patriot, your heart beats for the country. In other words, you always fight against injustice and be with Justice.

Jo bolta hun sach bolta hoon, sach k siwa kuch nahi.

You never did anything wrong and you will never let anyone do wrong. If this is the motto of your life you can be a Police Officer. Yes. Why Not? This is what policemen do, stopping people from doing wrong. Hence, you must do the same.

What is Police

Police is a civil force of state-employed for detection and prevention of crime and maintaining of law and standard in the country. Police is the administrative branch of the government.

You must have heard when you did something wrong in your childhood days. BETA SO JA WARNA POLICE AA JAYEGI. TUNE GALAT KAAM KIYA HAI NA AB POLICE AAYEGI.

I am sure these lines are enough to give you an idea about the role of the police.

Who are Policemen?

Policemen or Police Officer are government officers that work for the country. Often called policemen, policewomen, or constables, police officers swear an oath to protect and serve the citizens they represent. Hence, they enforce law and order and limit civil disorder

Spare 15- 20 minutes from your precious time. Since it is worth spending. As the next section addresses how to choose a career as a police officer.

How to choose a career as a police officer?

The training to become a police officer starts once you complete your higher education. Therefore, complete 14 years of schooling with a good percentage. You can be of any stream. Now that you have completed your high schooling, you can join the Police.

There are various job profiles in Police. However, every job profile has a different requirement. So, choose what post you want to hold in your career as a Police officer. If you can’t decide, here are some of it. Maybe it can help you to decide.

1. Police Constable

The requirements differ, but you need to clear at least class 10th to join as a police constable.

  • Age should be between 18-23 years. For reserved category, grace is there.
  • Minimum height is 165 cm for males and 155 cm for females
  • The physical requirement is 81 cm chest and after expansion 86cm
  • Selection Process: A written exam to test the general knowledge of candidates and 200 questions come. An interview round for the final selection.
  • Physical Test: You need to undergo a physical test which includes running, high jump, long jump.
  • Salary: 5200-20400 plus benefits

2. Police Officer

  • Education: A bachelor degree from the recognized university
  • Minimum height 165 cm for males and 150 cm for females
  • Chest 76 cm with expansion
  • Vision- 6/6 in one and 6/9 in another
  • Selection process: A written test to test general knowledge, reasoning, English, and maths.
  • Interview and physical fitness test. If you pass these both then you join as a police officer

3. IPS (Indian Police Service)

It is one of the three All India Services of the government. The other two are IAS (Indian Airforce service ) and IFS (Indian Forest Service).IPS is one of the apex posts in the police service. The highest, premier one in police service.

To become an IPS, you need to clear the exam. The exam is a part of the UPSC civil services exam. All Indian Civil service examination is conducted by UPSC every year and consists of three-stage examination.

  • Civil Service Preliminary Exam
  • Civil Service Main
  • Interview/ Personality Test

Based on your score, rank, abilities you will be allotted the IPS.

Eligibility required to become an IPS

  • Maximum age required is 32 years for general and 35 years for reserved
  • A candidate in the General category can make 6 attempts at the exam and the candidate of the reserved category can make 9 attempts.

Physical requirements

Height 165 cm,(G), 160 cm (Reserved)  for males

150 cm (G), 145 cm (reserved) for females

Chest: Male- 84 minimum, expansion 5 cm

Female: 79 minimum, expansion 5 cm

Eyesight: 6/6 or 6/9 distant vision -male

6/12 – female

Some medical tests like blood pressure, checking of ears (hearing capacity), nasal and much more are checked. Above all, women should not be pregnant at the time of medical checkups.

Once you clear all the three stages of the UPSC exam you are appointed as an IPS in a state.

However, you can also become IPS through promotion from a state cadre police officer.

A person appointed as an IPS officer has to undergo a tough training schedule for 4-5 years and after that one is promoted to a higher position as Superintendent of Police or Deputy Commissioner of police.

IPS officer after servicing for some time may rise to the level of Director General Of Police in State.

After IPS comes to another post named (SPS) State Police Service. The recruitment as SPS is on the same lines as IPS. The difference lies that the SPS is selected by the State Public Service Commission concerned through combined competitive examination for state Civil services. The candidates selected as SPS are posted as Deputy Superintendents of Police. They are then nominated for the post of IPS.

Every state has Subordinate Police Services under which recruitment to Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI), Sub-Inspector and Inspector of police is made.

Indian police have various paramilitary forces also.

The way to become a police officer is to clear the civil service examination. The career as a police officer is a challenging and bright one. To clarify, you get to serve the nation and prevent criminal activities and keep your dear ones safe.


If you wish to choose a career as a police officer in the future, start gathering information about this field, eligibility, process. Furthermore, start preparing for the Civil Service examination. Though it’s hard to crack but worth doing it.

Hence, fasten your shoes and get prepared to become a Policeman. Do something for your country, you will feel good.

In the end, we must remember that a Police Officer’s job is respected so why should not we give it a try?



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