Why College Admission Process Should Be Easy?


College life has always been fascinating for everyone. We have always dreamed to live a cool college life. Our thoughts about college have always been of bunking, hanging around with friends, chilling and the endless list. So, why the college admission process should be necessary and easy?

Everyone wants to go to college and live that life. It gives you that good feeling HUM BADE HO GYE HAI, AAZAD, and our high dreams and hope.

Well, college is just not a fun place. There is so much to do in college life. It is even tougher and challenging in college. “All that glitter is not gold” is apt for the college life.

What seems to the outer world, the reality is different. To all the students especially students of class 12th waiting to get admission to a college and trying hard for it, take note of this piece of writing. It might help you.

How College Admission Process is difficult?

Getting into a college is not easy. It is damn hectic, complex and a tiresome process. An increasing number of colleges, competition among them, the admission process has become more stressful, complex and focused.

In school you are guided properly, it is a kind of spoon-feeding and as soon as you pass your school, you are burdened with everything. You have to do everything by yourself. You are thrown in a crowd where you are still searching your ground and the ways to do things.

My Experience

I remember my time when I passed my 12th standard and has to take admission into a college. Oh God, it was not less than a nightmare. There are many formalities, regulations. Deadlines and what not. It is tiresome to travel to places and get admission.

Wait in long queues, carry all the proper documents as they want and much more depending on the college requirement. It takes a lot of effort to get admission into a college and the most important is to get admission into the right college, the college you wish to study.

Now you can get admission into a college through online process. You can fill the online application form and also pay the fees online through net banking, credit cards and various other modes of payment. It saves you the botheration of traveling to places, waiting in queues but this too is a lengthy and tiresome activity.

Due to convenience and ease of internet, most students prefer this online mode of admission, due to which the website remains loaded and takes a lot of time to open and then you can start filling the form. The filling of the admission form is also a complex one.

With so much information to be filled, an actual photograph of the size mentioned has to be uploaded, which is a difficult task So many choices and options also confuse the student and then payment of fees online is another task. There are issues with technology, online payment, and everything has its demerits.

Although an easy fast method still a problematic one at times and this also requires full attention and availability of resources to fill the admission form and to be able to get into the right college. It demands proper understanding.

Why college admission process should be easy?

1. Lack of knowledge and Awareness

The college admission process should be made easy as the student has just stepped out of their comfort zone. Doing everything on their own is a bit difficult. They have less knowledge and awareness that might make it difficult for them to take admission into college.

2. Time-consuming

Lengthy, Difficult admission process, where there are several steps to be completed and several formalities to be completed and taken care of makes it a time-consuming process. It may not be possible for parents to take their students every day for college admission and take an off from work. They have to sacrifice their work.

3. It frustrates you

The difficult, tiresome admission process frustrates the student as well as their parents. They feel not only tired but also irritated and restless at the same time doing the same process daily.

4. It may seem disinteresting

A lot of students do not take admission to a particular college just because of the difficult admission process. To them, it seems disinteresting, wastage of time. There is a feeling Kaun itni mehnat kare admission lene mein. So they opt for a simpler and easier admission process to get into a college.

5. It is more challenging

Due to increased competition and complexity, getting admission into a college has become no less than a challenge. And only a few are ready to take this challenge, otherwise, other people just leave and get into any college.

6. Money

Money is also one factor. If the admission process to get into a college is difficult and complex. So money factor discourages a lot of students to take admission into the college.


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