Why Colleges Should Conduct Workshops By Industry Experts?


How the various events and workshops are conducted in college for the welfare of students? All of us who have been to one college or the other have a fair idea about it. But have we ever thought why our colleges cherry-pick industry professionals to conduct such events?

Reasons why colleges should conduct workshops by industry experts

1. The expertise of the professionals

In the current world of the digital boom, we are always under the assumption that we can learn anything over the web. Though it may be true, the technical expertise and the skills that these professionals possess in their respective areas are unmatched. No amount of knowledge gained by googling through will be equivalent to the learning.  The learning acquired by merely paying attention to the words of these experts during college workshops can be very valuable. Also, it will give you a head start about the things to learn and focus on. Otherwise, we will have to begin from scratch using the internet.

2. Gaining knowledge through interactions

The depth of knowledge possessed by these experts in their respective industries is vast. Their interactions with students will motivate and encourage young minds to ask more questions. This would increase their in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Such interactions will open the doors to new-found knowledge for the students.  They would unconsciously form ideas. These ideas strengthen their foundations on the topics being covered. Getting hands-on experience is possible when industry experts run such college workshops. When one is starting with new technologies, this becomes highly important.

3. Building networks

There are ample opportunities for building relationships and connections while experts conduct workshops. Both students and college can gain through it. The students can form vital connections with reputed people from the industry. It furthers their career ambitions through proper guidance. And colleges can get more such experts to conduct workshops. As a result, it gives a boost to their placement opportunities. It helps in building healthy relationships with these industry stalwarts.

Professionals can also increase their face value and reputation of their respective firms during these college workshops. TIP: Start using LinkeddIn for increased interactions, better networking and new job opportunities. If you’re interested for more, read – 3 Reasons to Start Using LinkedIn?

4. Acquire confidence and partners to participate in events

You’ll slowly start gaining the knowledge and confidence to participate in various events and competitions. This is another advantage of attending such events conducted by professionals.

This will also assist you in collaborating with other peers in the same field of interest as you are. This will lead to the creation of teams or groups to work together and share knowledge.

A few other reasons for college to collaborate with industry personnel

  • To combine learning with practical application and fun
  • It would help them to attract young talents to join their institutions
  • To provide a 360-degree view of the current trends in the industry and how the future is shaping up

The college must provide a sufficient time duration for these workshops. Also, proper infrastructure is needed to conduct these workshops. Proper management is also important. It should be so that a high number of students derive benefits from them.

Finally, students need to bond with each other. They need to learn with fun as a family. Knowledge transfer is not an effective way to measure the effectiveness of the event. Rather, bonding between peers and mentors is more important.

Any art can be only learned in the workshop of those who make a living out of it”.

The above-mentioned quote perfectly sums up the answer to our topic in a nutshell. Happy learning, folks!

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