Commerce Or Science?


I still remember the day? The D-day. The day when I had to decide whether I have to take science or commerce? I remember the exact words of my dad “Commerce bhi koi padhai hota hai, science le lo”.

And like every good boy, I had to take science and struggle with those numerical and concepts of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. I had to spend a lot of sleepless nights to fight those deadly concepts and they hardly attracted me. Previously, only science was given respect in society.

Myths Which Dominated The Society

  • Science has more opportunities while commerce lags scope in generating jobs.
  • Only dumb and suffer students, lacking intelligence takes commerce.
  • The one who takes engineering will be happy throughout life.

The outcome of these Myths

India soon faced the outcome of these myths prevailing in the society in the form of corruption. They hit the core of the education system. The adverse effects which were faced by society are drastic and devastating.

The Bihar education tragedy

The best example which I  can portray at this moment is the Bihar Educational Tragedy which took place in 2016. Yes, I call this a tragedy. I will let you through the entire journey. The chief minister of the state of Bihar decided to show that our state is more educated.

But took a short-cut instead of strengthening the system from the roots. He employed a huge number of teachers to a job but did not check their capability. There was a huge amount of corruption employed in the recruitment process. The students were given bicycles and food under the mid-day meal scheme.

The kids who did not want to learn went to school just because they were to get a free bicycle and food. This just increased the number of students but not educated people in society. There was a huge amount of malpractices in the examination procedures as well. This theoretically solved the problem of illiteracy of the backward state, Bihar.

But the world had to face reality and this happened in the year  2016 for the first time. All the malpractices were stopped and the result which was out was worse and expected. The number of students who successfully cleared the examination came down drastically to 50% approximately.

And then when we went into an in-depth analysis of this failure, we got to know that the students who failed the most were science aspirants followed by commerce and arts. The major flaw in the system was the same which I mentioned earlier.

Have the Myths Been Broken in the Education System?

Most of the students enrolled in the science stream just because they wanted to portray the fact that they are smarter than commerce and arts counterparts. Just after this Bihar educational tragedy, in the year 2017, the number of students and the stream selected was changed to a drastic extent.

The numbers fluctuated like hell. The most number of students who enrolled in intermediate was in the arts stream. The numbers changed in the reverse order. The least number of students who took the intermediate examination was science.

So finally, the number of students pursuing commerce is luckily increasing due to the breaking of the myths. The increasing demand in the field of commerce and management adds to it.  A chartered accountant is one of the sought after careers for the once in commerce stream. Finally, we can say that the myths are getting broken as people are realizing the truth that every stream has opportunities.

Which Stream to Choose?

Moreover, Commerce is a stream which is shown as mathematics-economics and commerce. There has been a huge change in the society and mindset of the people. Now, Bachelor of Commerce is most sought after field of study after bachelor of science.

This itself is one of the major changes in the mindset of students and their parents. Let’s take it as a positive perspective for the society. This change must be welcomed.

I am happy to say this land of the holy rivers and gigantic mountains having the diversity of millions has positive and improvement mindset people. The land has a lot to do with commerce and management background students.

Conclusively, go for commerce or any stream only if you wish to. Don’t let anyone enforce your education over you.

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  1. Thank s is very difficult situation for many students to decide which stream they have to take ….at my time of study I am also very confused listening to many people my family to take science as it isy own decision I decided to take the science stream because at that time my dream is to become a engineer but now as I am doing my masters my philosophy of thinking as change that in school times subject doesn’t decide your future … you need to understand and think of yourself that what will be better for you ….so plzzz read this s informative blog to make it more easier .

  2. Bonth are good but commerce is something different which you ever study till 10th and science you know about that

  3. Amazing blog. It doesn’t matter whether you choose science or commerce, keep your interests and passion in mind. Don’t blindly follow anything.


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