Common Anxiety During An Interview?


The number one interview anxiety is, “What if I don’t know the answer of a question that I am asked?” this is an unnecessary one because the interviewer will ask only on those topics which you are aware of and not questions that require applied knowledge or research.

Interviews have become a common part of various academic/professional processes – you may have to Crack The Interview To Get An Internship or you may be going through an interview for a job. 

Keep the following points in mind before answering a question

a) A question that requires you to launch a story, you can start by saying, “that is a good question; please give me a moment to think about it”. Think before speaking.

b) Many interviewers will offer you a glass of water before throwing questions at you. Take the water and use it throughout whenever you need to think or buy time.

c) If you are having trouble remembering the answer to a question, simply ask the interviewer to save it for the last as you are having trouble remembering it. Don’t get your interview anxiety get to you, keep calm and be confident.

This is a better option instead of rambling and apologizing. However, if you don’t know the answer at all, just accept it and move on.

Few questions that may pop in an interviewee’s mind

1. What should I wear?

Ans. Choosing the perfect outfit is major interview anxiety.  Always follow the guidelines your school provides on a proper interview dress. It can be ‘business casual or business attire”.  Jeans, t-shirt or unclean clothing are never preferred. As your first impression is important, try to look like a professional well dressed and well mannered. 

2. If the interview is at the coffee shop, who pays?

Ans. You can avoid this awkward question by reaching the venue before time, buying a beverage for yourself and then offering to buy a beverage for the interviewer. Don’t insist if the interviewer declines – no need to let this fuel your interview anxiety, be cheerful and sail through the process! 

3. Can I ask for feedback once the interview is over?

Ans. No! Doing so will leave the impression on the interviewer that you are not confident enough and you lack good judgment. Be patient and wait for the result. Don’t let your interview anxiety get the better of you!

It is always a good idea to Prepare For Your Interview beforehand so that you can ace the D-day!

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