Complete Excel Course

S No. Module Topic
1 Excel Interface Going through
2 Worksheet Basics Add/ Remove/ Delete/ Color a Worksheet, Copy & Move, Hide
3 Excel Basics Beginning Font, Text Color, Background Color, Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, Merge, Wrap, Alignment, Comment, Hyperlink
    Cut, Copy, Paste, Format Painter
Borders, Add/ Remove rows & columns
    Sort, Filter
4 Paste Special As Values
    As Link
    As Formula
    As Transpose
5 Data Cleaning Techniques Find/ Find All
    Replace/ Replace All
    Group/ Ungroup
    Custom Filter
    Remove Duplicates
6 Named Range Named Range
7 Maths Functions Count, Sum, Average, Max, Min, Large, Small
8 Text Functions Len, Left, Right
9 File Tab Overview
10 Quiz (20 MCQs) Test Your Knowledge
11 Functions Excel Functions
    Text Functions
    Date & Time Functions
    If Function, AND & OR Operators
    Informational Functions
12 Go To Special Data Fixing
13 Relative, Mixed & Absolute Referencing Relative, Mixed & Absolute
14 Data Validation List
    Typed List
    Mobile Number Validation
    Employee Feedback Validation
    Only Text Values
    Only Upper Case Values
    Prevent Future Dates
    List with Named Range
    Restrict Text Length
    Dynamic List
    Dependent Drop Down List
15 Goal Seek Two Examples
17 Table Format as Table & Add on Capabilities
18 Array Array with Sum & Max Functions
19 Conditional Formatting Inbuilt Conditional Formatting
    Custom Conditional Formatting
    Dynamic Search & Highlight
    Partial Match
20 Auto-fill, Flash Fill & Custom Lists Auto Fill
    Flash Fill
    Custom Lists
21 Vlookup/ Hlookup/ Xlookup Vlookup Basic
    Vlookup with Array
    Vlookup with Multiple Criteria
    Vlookup with Range
Vlookup with Named Range & Benefits
    Vlookup with Match Function
    Vlookup with Column Reference
    Vlookup with Table
    Vlookup with Dropdown
    Two-Way Lookup
    Partial Vlookup
    Vlookup to the left side
    Case Sensitive Lookup
    Vlookup with Trim Function
    Vlookup if IFERROR
Vlookup with Multiple Column Search
    Vlookup with Two Tables
    Vlookup with Duplicate Values
    Bonus: Hlookup & Xlookup
Quiz - Test Your Knowledge - 20 MCQs
22 Offset Function Offset - Basic
    Offset with Sum - Horizontal
    Offset with Sum - Vertical
    Offset with Match
    Offset with Average
    Offset with Countif
23 Index & Match Function Index Function Basic
    Index Function with Area Number
    Match Function Basic
Index & Match Functions as a replacement to Vlookup Function
Index & Match Functions with Drop Down
24 Pivot Table & Chart Interface
Data Introduction: Super Store Data
    Create Your First Pivot Table
How To Make Pivot Table Dynamic
    Slicer & Timeline
    Group & Ungroup Dates
    Conditional Formatting In Pivot
    Create Your First Chart
How To Make Pivot Chart Dynamic
    Chart Gap
    Top 10 Customers
Compare One sub-category Against Others
    Profit & Sales Correlation
25 Power Pivot Introduction: How Is Power Pivot Different From Pivot Table
    Avoid Vlookup Using Data Model
26 Designing Dashboard Create Your Dashboard
27 Power Query Introduction: Why Power Query
    Data From Web
Combine Files From Folder In 1 click
28 Protection Protect Sheet
    Protect Workbook
    Make Your Workbook Read Only
29 Test Your Knowledge 40 MCQs
30 New Functions of Excel 2019 Concat
    TEXTJOIN Function
    MINIFS And MAXIFS Function
    IFS Function
    SWITCH Function
31 Dynamic Array Functions Filter

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