Techniques For Conflict Management


We discussed “what is conflict management” in the previous blog. We will discuss techniques for conflict management now. Before we discuss the techniques, let us check again the conflict which we mentioned in the previous blog.

Case 1: Rudra is a 27-year-old content writer in a mediocre social media firm. Rudra wishes to write about the cyberbullying being faced by celebrities around the world. He believes that this would increase site traffic.

Case 2: Inayat is also a 27-year-old content writer in the same mediocre social media firm. She wishes to write about mental health awareness in the country. Inayat believes that her topic of the content would increase site traffic.

As an editor/project manager/HR/employee, when you are supposed to manage this conflict following the best for your organization, what do you do?

Techniques For Conflict Management?

1. Forget About Winning or Being Right

The first thing to keep in mind is that being right or wrong is not what we are looking for. The matter of concern is – the best of and for the organization.

2. Look For a Root Cause in the conflict

Try to get to the base of the conflict. Reflect, analyze, and interrogate. For instance: in the conflict between Rudra and Inayat, one must find out the social media trends, the readers’ inclinations, and current socio-political and economic environment to decide would bring more traffic to their website and thus, benefit the organization.

3. Name Your Emotions to manage conflict

More often than not, we tend to be overwhelmed with emotions and overlook rationality. This is normal human behavior. The reason for disagreement might be prejudices, previous arguments, envy or anger, and other emotions. If you communicate with yourself, it would be easier. The ideal thing to do, to avoid emotions overpower our reasoning is to have intrapersonal communication, knowing yourself, and name the emotions. Do you think you know yourself to the fullest?

For instance, as an editor, question yourself if you like Rudra’s idea more than Inayat’s because he helped you in the past?

The above-mentioned bullets are layman’s words. However, the subject of Conflict Management has been a topic of discussion for long now. Various organizations opt for various techniques for conflict management depending upon their environment, employees’ personalities, and job nature, and so on.

What needs to be the center of all discussions is:

  • To choose between Resolution and Management of conflict.
  • To look for the best of the organization when you choose conflict management.

Did you find the techniques for conflict management useful? Comment or email us. We will love to hear from you. You can suggest your technique. We will surely add.



  1. Most common issue in every organization. Conflict resolution is really important as it allows constructive change to occur.
    Thank you for the insights.

  2. All the things are truly defined in the blog. Conflict management is important in every organisation and as a part of the organisation employees also need to maintain decorum, if anybody is facing any problem then they can openly share it. Thankyou for your insights.

  3. It’s really helpful to cope with my team or colleagues in organization as well as in any particular company it’s informative ways which builds insights to cope up with conflicts


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