Why Is Content Marketing Important?


Have you ever played chess? The Queen is the most powerful piece in the game of chess. If moved strategically, it can help you win with ease. Content marketing, just like the Queen is the most powerful aspect of Digital marketing. It is at the heart of a digital marketing campaign, a necessity for contemporary brands.

Now, you must be wondering what makes content marketing so important?

1. Helps improve SEO

Brand visibility is dependent on SEO. Improving SEO can be a task but content marketing can ease your efforts. It’s quite an effective technique to optimize your search engine.

Did you know? If you are consistent with your blogs, your business site will be indexed more often by search engines. Suppose you post content daily on your site, the search engine has more pages to index and shows to users in their search engine results.

The number of blogs gives you the chance to rank for more keywords thereby increasing the traffic. On-site time also plays a major part in SEO and optimized content motivates visitors to stick around. According to Google, the time spent on a site is the indicator of valuable content.

Your job? Hook your readers so that they never want to leave your site.

2. Influences conversion by building trust

Let’s say you have to submit an abstract for your research paper tomorrow. You have no clue how to go about it so you head over to Google, as usual, and type “How to write an abstract”. You stumble on a page that proves useful to you. The abstract turns out to be outstanding and you are receiving numerous compliments on your work.

Now that you trust the site with valuable content you may head over to the landing page again to download an even more detailed resource, an in-depth e-book of “How to write a research paper”. You observe the expertise of this particular business through various other videos and content offered on their website, you are more attracted to hiring their help.

Do you see how the brand’s constructive content can convert you from a problem stricken person to their loyal customer?

That’s the power of content marketing. 

3. You can easily go viral without investing much

We live in a digital and viral era. A single click of the thumb can make you famous in mere seconds. Well, content marketing asks very little from the brand. It needs a good content curator and the rest is done by the public.

If you provide something unique to the people they will most likely share it with others via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and hundreds of social media sites. The basic idea is to educate the ones who seek enlightenment. A community will be formed and then you can easily generate lead.

Sometimes, even if your blog isn’t educational but if it’s worth a share then you are good to go. Create something that moves your audience.

4. Cost-effective marketing strategy

Marketing a product can be heavy on your pockets if you want maximum outreach. Content marketing is not only affordable but generates three times the leads. It may seem to take a little longer to see results but once you have invested enough the return is high.

Investing a few hours every week can help boost the traffic on your site. Your content should be tactical in the topics you choose, types of assets you produce, and your publicity methods.

5. The content supports the customer through each marketing stage

There are three main stages in marketing according to which the content must be created. Customers go through these stages without fail and the final decision of purchase lies in the hand of how well your content supports your client through these stages.


This is the first stage where your potential client is just becoming aware of his problems. They are looking out for solutions and your content must be the answer that resonates with his needs. General information helps at this stage.


At this point, the client is going through the options and picking out the best solution for himself. Your content ought to be detailed and must narrow down the options and clear the confusion in his head so that he can come closer to the final purchasing decision.


The final stage is where the content must be specific and should give the client the last bit of encouragement to go ahead with the purchase.

Is content marketing the same as content writing? No.

Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos, and newsletters strategically to deliver a relevant message and convert leads. It follows a give and takes relationship.

If you give the audience something to root for or come back to, they will become your loyal customers. SEO plays a huge part in content marketing. Creating desirable content to attract traffic is the main motto.

Content writing involves quick action. It’s a science of persuasion. It involves sales pages, ads, direct mail, landing pages, and infomercials. Sometimes you need to convince your audience to take action without much delay to ensure your business goals are achieved.

For example, signing up for your newsletter or making a spontaneous purchase. You have to introduce your audience to your product and direct them towards the required action, all while making a connection with them.

Both have discrete purposes but when combined efficiently, the company can double the profits overnight.


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  2. Content marketing, just like the Queen is the most powerful aspect of Digital marketing. It is at the heart of a digital marketing campaign, a necessity for contemporary brands. Thanks for sharing this blog it is very nice


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