Can I Learn Content Writing During Schooling?


Here’s a scenario where you might think of learning content writing during schooling.

Welcome to class 8th. You no longer have to go to school in shorts. Different assembly grounds, the highest section of middle school. Feels good to be all grown up, doesn’t it?

Being 13-14 years of age, you are pretty active. Both due to your physical and psychological changes in the body. Pretty natural, happens to everyone. It is a growing stage, so enjoy it.

Now talking about studies, you will get to study a lot of interesting things from your subjects. But you found interest in English.

The chapters and the story are so gripping for you, that all you want to do is finish the assignment your teacher gave you as soon as you go home.

With the story complete in your mind, you can now frame the best answers to the questions in your NCERT textbook. You are not about any subject but this is the one you will surely ace in your finals.

Soon you begin to realize that it is not just the story, but grammar as well. You enjoy writing articles and stories in your exams. Those lengthy English exams seem like a whole lot of fun.

So you are a content writer now, right?

Yes or no. Okay, still unsure about the content writing? 


Let’s understand.

Who is a content writer?

A good technical definition would amount to someone writing for a specific audience at a professional level to earn an income out of it. But not everything is done for money, some is merely done out of interest.

Writing is one form of content creation. The word content writing specifies it. There are so many content creators across various online platforms with a huge fan following.

Like Brave Wilderness and Bright Side. Providing engaging and creative content has allowed them to turn the heads of millions to them.

It is not just the writing that amounts to it. But it is also about how to deliver the content so that the audience relates to it. As in the end that is the goal, to capture an audience for a purpose.

But hey, don’t just make a face yet. You can be a content writer too.

How can you do content writing during schooling?

First things first, at your age your main goal should be studies. 8th and 9th are fine. But soon you will be in 10th and 12th giving boards. Therefore, the most important part of your life, deciding factor and stuff.

But you can contribute to this interest of yours at your own level. Keep writing for yourself. Record your day in the form of a journal. Take part in essay writing competitions and other things.

Look up different content writers from around the world and see what they do to maintain the status they have earned.

The goal is to be consistent. Deciding on a career at your stage is absolute rubbish. So do not even think about it from that point of view. Focus on writing and be consistent with the same.

Over time you will learn and see where you are going and where you want to go with this next.

Keep in touch with like-minded people around you. Approach your friends casually and ask if they are interested in writing too. I am sure you will find a group of budding content writers.

Tag along with them and write stuff together. Help each other out and grow together.

Content Writer Title

Understand that writing is one of the best forms of expression. Sometimes what we are not able to express verbally, we write it. Definitely, it is not that easy of a task.

The key is to start from scratch. Don’t be sad if someone points out a mistake or two in your best-written article yet. You do not know what you are capable of until you explore yourself.

Hang in there and keep writing. Yes, we say keep writing under guidance and surely you will become a content writer. 

PS: The article is written by one of our teammates who are in college 2nd year of college. So, he is also exploring content writing skills with us. Now you have an example that you can too try content writing during schooling too. Hope you liked it.

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