How Career Counseling Helped Me (MBA or Job)?


“Make the right choices in your career as that is what will decide how the rest of your life will be”. In today’s world where everyone is trying to make a mark for themselves, it is of paramount importance that we choose our career wisely. It is not that we don’t know the importance of the decisions we take but what pushes us behind is we don’t know what we exactly want. What do we enjoy? Is there something we are likely to be good at? What makes me happy? Is MBA the path for me? Should I take up a particular job offer? Exploring options like Career Counselling for MBA or for any job for that matter can give us better insights into all these questions!

Why Do You Need A Career Counselling For MBA Or Any Job?

Only the right career counseling platform can help you find what you want. Some people know what they want to do. But even if you know the direction, there are a lot of hurdles to cross. For instance, once you begin career counselling for MBA the choices ahead seem to be infinite, and the age-old question of our interest remains alive. So before it’s too late to ask yourself Why MBA or Why MS, career counseling is a must. 

What To Look For In A Career Counselor?

A perfect platform for career counselling is that which

1. Self Exploration

Encourages you to introspect your strengths and weaknesses. He will help you to recognize and differentiate your passion and hobbies. It helps you to find yourself, your skills, strengths, values, personality, etc that will provide a shape to your career. 

2. Pursue Dreams

With the changing scenarios and increasing competition, people have succeeded in breaking the chains and started following their passion. Now the tradition of following your family business has vanished. Most people tend to pursue a higher degree like an MBA or be choosy in whatever job they want. 

Have you ever thought about what has made all this possible? What has changed and helped people to make these choices? 

How to Find A Right Career Counselling For MBA or Any Other Job?

Let me not go very far and cite my example. I belong to a typical middle-class business family and still not only did I complete my engineering and worked as a software engineer for 3 years but currently I am pursuing my MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. This has all become possible only because of my exposure to the right career counseling for MBA. 

I was lucky to have great mentors throughout my life who served as great support. The decision to continue with the current job or a switch or pursue an MBA was the toughest. Thus all I needed was a career counselling for MBA, that could resolve my confusion like what if I didn’t get through? What if I am not able to cope with the pressure of exams and studies again? What if I don’t get a job that I like after completing my course?

I didn’t want to take the wrong decision based on my fears and different opinions. Hence, I decided to go to a professional Career Counsellor. And seriously, that was a life-changing experience for me.

1. Self Awareness

The counselor helped me to find out what I wanted and how badly I wanted it. Conversations with the right career counselor helped me to realize how willing I was to sacrifice things for it. 

2. Analytical Skills

Career counselling painted two scenarios in front of me while listing the pros and cons of each. It asked me to think through and decide what I wanted to choose –

Was it to stay safe and continue with my job and look for better opportunities in it?

or, Leap and go for a career that I always dreamed about?

3. Communication Skills

The counselor had excellent communication skills because whatever he wanted to convey, it reached me. Furthermore, he did not make me feel awkward at all. I felt as if I could trust him.

Result of Choosing the Right Career Counselling for MBA or Any Other Job

Career counselling for MBA helped me a lot to reach a decision. And of course, I am really glad about the choice I made. I have thoroughly enjoyed each minute of my MBA from NMIMS, MBA. I won’t lie and tell you that the choice was easy but it is worth it.

My 5 months journey here is nothing short of a roller-coaster ride from the minute it began. I have not only got exposure to a variety of experiences and people from different backgrounds but also have explored different sides of “ME”.

I recognized my ability to multitask, take pressure in crises, to prepare for presentations in 10 minutes, to handle classes, competitions, and a variety of other activities happening on campus simultaneously.

MBA indeed has changed my outlook towards life and am so happy to have got this experience. I am looking forward to how this journey unfolds itself further.


At last, I would advise everyone who read my story to please follow one thing in life:


Once you decide that MBA is your calling, do make sure that you have an idea about various Steps Involved In The Preparation of MBA. The goals will set you apart from the rest in the future! 

Career Counselling for MBA or for any career for that matter not only helps in the right decision but also directs towards the decision that your heart wants! 

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  1. A right career counseling platform helps a lot whoever is struggling to achieve their goals professional help will help to show a clear picture of what to choose and what not to.

    Thanks for sharing your views.


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