Co-Working: A Vital Tool For A Better Networking


Networking, is it an essential part of the survival of any business? What would you say? A yes or a no? In this blog, you will learn everything about Coworking.

Well, Armstrong Williams, a well-known US-based political commenter perfectly described it. As networking being vital for building wealth, co-working helps setting high goals for one.

Networking is a way of life, networking helps you not settle for anything less, networking just makes life superior.

Coworking helps build you as an entrepreneur through the establishment. Whereas, maintenance of a network is an activity that spurs the entrepreneur to succeed in the field. The phrase ‘my door is always open’ comes into play in a co-working environment.

Investing time in people in your coworking space always returns the twice of the amount invested. Hence it always becomes a mantra to be one of the top-notch amongst many alike.

Entrepreneurs should understand the vitality of the field. Those who attend gatherings, workshops, seminars get to meet a lot of people and make new contacts. As a result, it helps them build connections important for their businesses.

Some of the aspects that help you understand the concept better

1. Coworking, a ventilator for networking

One of the fascinating features of the concept of co-working is the work culture that inhabits it. Different people come from different and varied backgrounds. They work at a co-space exhibiting a perfect example of co-working.

It helps in unifying the people. It also helps in the widespread dispersal of the types of businesses carried out at a particular place. Entrepreneurs come from diverse skill-set and background, and they collaborate to achieve their respective goals.

Coworking hence opens up space for networking opportunities for more than one just reason.

The advantages of it include people meeting each other and developing relationships naturally. They don’t force each other into such kind of bonds. Since they come together primarily to achieve their goals, they don’t just come for networking. So networking happens to be in the process of working together.

People who work at the same place believe and have witnessed the process of networking at very unusual places. For e.g- corridors, stairs, canteen queues, etc. It happens in a way when one reaches out to someone for some very small help. After that, begins the exchange of pleasantries and then much more than that.

Natural networking happens in a comforting and relaxing atmosphere when you don’t keep in mind that networking has to be done.

2. Networking between diversity

As perfectly stated, unity in diversity, this phrase is seen being visible at the places where there is a co-space for all the people working together. There is a present different social set-up, education, and training.

Each one comes from a background that is unique and not identical to the one exhibited by others. Such an atmosphere brings in a feeling of connectivity with each other.

3. Networking at a lively atmosphere

Coworking spaces encourage people to socialize because of the lively surrounding. Also, a soothing and relaxed atmosphere helps promote networking. The idea of a static workplace doesn’t give a lot of networking opportunities.

One works with the same set of individuals every day. The insecure atmosphere and internal politics discourage them from getting informal with each other otherwise. At the workplace, senior officers might not engage in any conversation due to their superiority status. 

Coworking spaces are free from all the constraints that are usually seen in a static work set-up. The absence of work hierarchy, formalities and job insecurity doesn’t take the co-workers down in this type of setup. Also read – How To Be A Respected And Trusted Member Of A Remote Team?

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  1. Co-working helps build you as an entrepreneur through the establishment. Whereas, maintenance of a network is an activity that spurs the entrepreneur to succeed in the field. Thanks for sharing this blog it is very helpful


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