How To Create Positive Atmosphere At Office?


The work environment in which an employee works has a direct bearing on his performance. The performance varies directly with the facilities available in the office. One also determines this by the socio-economic mindset of the employees. So, a positive workplace is essential to have the best performers.

An employee has to spend 8-9 hours of his day at the workplace. It is very crucial to ensure that they get satisfaction during this time.

For instance, Nike is famous for employee satisfaction that the organization offers. What about the other organizations? How can they create such an environment, where people are driven to work all by themselves.

The environment where an employee works must be conducive to ensure the proper functioning of the organization as a whole.

Various studies and researches have pointed out that only satisfied employees work to their full potential. After all, every manager would like to pay the employees for the targets achieved rather than the number of hours logged.

Gone are the days, when money used to be the motivating factor. These days,  people consider satisfaction the most important decision-maker. If a worker is satisfied, he will continue with the job and if he is not satisfied, he could not resist leaving the organization.

The business environment is progressively becoming dynamic. In such a scenario, it is very crucial to ensure that the organization performs well; otherwise, the competitors would steal the opportunities.

What should one do to create a positive workplace

1. Create a pool of efficient workers

Test new employees on various fronts. They should go through a multi-tier interview. Since recruitment is a long drawn and expensive process, the company should ensure that the resources put in, do not go in vain.

For instance, if one selects an unsuitable candidate, he will not be able to perform well; this will lead to results that are not satisfactory. Thus, creating a rift between the employee and employer. This would also affect the other worker’s mental health.

2. Material environment

The office should be well equipped with proper lighting. No one would like to work in a dingy room. Isn’t it?

If it’s not possible to incorporate natural lighting through windows, there are other options. Blue-enriched light bulbs may reduce fatigue and increase happiness and work performance,

3. Communication

The organization should ensure free communication.

The slow communication process leads to delayed decision making which in turn affects the performance of the organization.

There should be free and fair discussions. Value employee suggestions and remunerate them accordingly.

Studies also reveal that the employees in the organizations, which have a suggestion or complaint box are likely to be more satisfied than the ones who do not have such facilities.

4. Other facilities

The organization should have a proper canteen. You can not expect a hungry person to work. Can you?

In big organizations, there are recreational facilities as well. Such things add to the satisfaction of the employees.

According to the Pots Planters & More survey, people who labeled their work furniture as “bad” are three times more likely to consider their environment as less productive, and two times more likely to find it “depressing.”

Thus, a positive workplace is a crucial factor that affects an employee’s satisfaction level.

A decisive environment comes handy in ensuring reduced contingent expenses as well. If an employee leaves the organization it affects the overall functioning of the organization and adds to the burden of recruitment of the new employee. You cannot leave the position vacant, right?

Moreover, the expenditure on his training also goes to waste.

To avoid such situations, the manager must ensure a happy and healthy environment.

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